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I’m not going to get all sentimental about how my baby girl is 3, but really, I can’t believe it! 3 years went really fast.

Poppy’s favourite things to eat recently are watermelon and icing (from cupcakes or donuts). So when I saw this amazing idea on my amazing friend Viola’s blog (go check it out) I was all set for her birthday cake.

You see, this isn’t a cake at all….

It’s a big square of watermelon covering icing.

Pretty cool, huh?!

Viola’s beautiful recipe cut the watermelon into a round cake shape, but I’m not talented enough for that, and the icing was made of whipped cream and mascarpone (drool!). However, that combo is a bit sophisticated for a toddler so I stuck with whipped cream, powdered sugar and raw cacao.

Oh and I made it a tiny individual cake, just for her…


She was definitely very interested in the sugar pearls, but not so much the icing. In fact, she wanted to leave the table before we’d even sung her the birthday song!

Once we cut into it and she realised it was watermelon we were all systems go. After we washed off the icing, that is. Sigh. Kids never like what you think they are going to!!! No use getting upset about it :)

The one thing I am very happy about is that Dillon’s mum decided to crouch down and hold Max up so they could be in the photo together.

Max, the photo-bombing extraordinaire!!!

Definitely one for an embarrassing milestone birthday in years to come.

watermelon3What do you think of the watermelon ‘cake’? Am I a mean mum for having such a healthy cake for her birthday? But look! She really loved it, promise!

Very special thanks to Viola for the inspiration!

Christie x
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