Mushroom burgers, bruschetta, pate and more!4

Posted on February 1, 2013 by ChristieWeb Favs

Pinch and and a punch for the first day of the month… did you do that in school? I was obsessed with getting people first – then loved giving a hit and kick back when I was too slow. Violent much? Maybe just a bit. Ha!

Before I delve into February and the last of the Summer produce (goodbye mangoes *sob, sob*), I’d like to quickly reflect on January and all the delectable Summer Mushroom dishes made by some of my favourite bloggy friends. Let’s dive in…

Above, mushrooms stuffed with rocket-walnut pesto by Veggie Mama. Why on earth haven’t I tried this combo for pesto? It sounds soooo good!

Above, mushroom and lentil burgers from 84th & 3rd. Wow! What an earthy combination, and I love the addition of chia seeds and Vegemite too.

Above, BBQ mushroom bruschetta from Chew Town. Absolutely genius idea to cook the kaiser buns AND the mushrooms on the BBQ for maximum smokey flavour!

Above, Aussie mushroom burger from She Cooks She Gardens. Who can resist a big juicy BBQ’d portabella mushroom? And with a slice of beetroot that’s pure burger heaven.

Above, Vegan mushroom pate from Cooking Crusade. This recipe was really popular when I shared it on my Facebook page. Two of my readers went off and made it immediately. Nice work Christine! I am yet to give it a try, but it sounds amazing.

Above, Vegan mushroom rolls from VegeTARAian. I love that Tara called these ‘not-sausage’ rolls in her post! Mushrooms are the perfect filling for a vegan sausage roll, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. Yum!

Only one month left of the Summer Mushrooms campaign, so expect a final round up at the end of Feb. If you are craving more mushie goodness now, then head on over to the Power of Mushrooms website for lots more recipes, photos and healthy facts about those incredible little fungi we all love so much.

What was your favourite recipe this month? It’s so hard to choose, but I think if I was forced, I would lean towards Amanda’s bruschetta because I love the clever use of the BBQ for the whole dish and I bet the smokey flavour would be amazingly drool worthy.

Christie x

Disclosure: Fig & Cherry is working with the Australian Mushroom Growers Association to recruit bloggers for their Summer Mushrooms Campaign 2012/2013 to create mushroom based recipes to serve over Xmas, NYE, Australia Day and BBQ for the Summer months. Round-up posts of the 16 recipes will be featured in December, January and February on this blog.

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