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This post is meant to go up at the beginning of each month so I am running horrendously late – better late than never, right? Right?!! Good, I thought so.

Let’s take a peek in my kitchen then…

Above, glorious native Australian finger limes, purchased from the Lennox Head lakeside market.  Have you tried these little beauties? They have a delicious sweet/sour taste and very cool texture.

You rip the pods open to reveal little lime balls about the same size as caviar that can be used in all manner of things, but are best served as a garnish or without heat (like in a dressing) so that the delicate flavour is preserved. One of my favourite native Aussie bush foods!

This big pack of La Zuppa Soups* recently arrived on my doorstep. I don’t usually buy packaged foods but these came at the exact right time when I was planning a trip down to Sydney and could leave them in the cupboard for hubby to eat while I was gone (he’s not much of a cook!).

I did taste a few of the flavours and really liked the chicken and corn one. They are really low in calories too, which surprised me, only between 60-200 calories per serve. I think they’ll come in handy when I get into my third trimester of pregnancy and become starving on a whim! (Or am too tired cook).

I found these ripening bananas on the kitchen bench on my return from Sydney. It seems hubby avoided them deliberately so as to give me a hint about his favourite banana bread. Hmmm, yes I’ve heard you loud and clear honey! And thanks for all the fruit flies…

I am completely surprised with how in love I have become with these incaberries* I was recently sent. You may be thinking “dried fruit, so what?”, and I was too – until I tasted them. Pop them in your mouth and you immediately taste sweetness then after a few chews the sourness kicks in. It’s totally addictive!

I’ve kept a bowl of them on the kitchen counter to snack on while preparing meals and have eaten through a fair good whack. Looking forward to rehydrating them in some warm water and using in some baked goods soon. Definitely recommend seeking them out if you like a good sweet/sour hit, plus they are also considered a super food so you’ll get some goodness for all the yumminess too.

Really looking forward to making a chocolate crepe cake this week to take to Poppy’s playgroup Easter celebration. This gorgeous Profiline Crepe Pan* is going to come in super handy to make it – I’ve been wanting a crepe pan for ages so was very excited to be sent one to trial!

I was also recently sent a new vegetarian gelatine by Queen Foods called Jel-It-In*. Many of you ask me for vegetarian substitutes for my recipes that feature regular gelatine, such as panna cotta, so I’m really happy to be experimenting with this and hopefully presenting you with a recipe soon. Look for Jel-It-In at your supermarket, it’s available now.

I’ve been getting some great use out of this fabulous cookbook/ipad stand that hubby bought me for christmas. The no-splash plastic cover is very handy! It’s currently housing my copy of Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi which has been getting a big workout. Love, love, love him!

Last but not least, little Poppy has been having a major growth spurt over the last month so her snack bag has been sitting on my kitchen bench as it is constantly being replenished before we leave the house. She is currently loving pears, peanut butter sandwiches, sultanas (as always!), freeze dried yoghurt buttons, homemade biscuits and baby cucumbers.

What’s happening in your kitchen this month?

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Christie x

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