Foreign Food Fridays: Turkish Gozleme5

Posted on August 19, 2011 by ChristieForeign Food Fridays

I have been reminiscing this week because in August 2009 we were living it up in Istanbul during Ramadan.

It was such an amazing experience to see the massive food parties, picnics and street festivals that started once the sun went down. Those Turks certainly know how to eat with gusto and it was pure joy to join in the fun (although we did eat during the day as well!).

One of our favourite lunch meals was Gozleme, or Turkish pancake, filled with cheese or spinach and cheese. This particular restaurant had the cooking hot plates in the centre of the seating area so you could watch them being made.

They are so popular in Sydney at the moment, that I’m sure you have tried Gozleme at a market or festival. They are a moreish savoury snack, although I have also tried a filling of banana and honey at Marrickville Markets that is also very good.

It was so hot, fresh and irresistible that hubby completely forgot about the Fig & Cherry code of conduct!

As soon as it arrived he swooped in and got the first delectable bite, much to my shrieks of ‘No, what about the photo?!’. Hence my shot of him sheepishly putting it back and reassuring me that my readers ‘love action shots’. Is he right?

Have a great weekend. I hope you are doing something delicious.

Christie x

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