Sooshi: sushi-style ice cream snack5

Posted on October 17, 2009 by ChristieTaste Tests


Super cute, don’t you think?

I get sent a lot of press releases about various food products but not all of them stand out. This one for Sooshi did.

I really enjoy good ice cream made with fresh ingredients. I fell in love with Italian gelato in Florence and the gorgeous ‘chewy’ ice cream in Istanbul.

These adorable little New Zealand Natural ‘sushi rolls’ are made with real fruit ice cream. The outside ‘nori’ sheet is apple flavoured, the ‘rice’ is vanilla or fruity ice cream and the ‘fillings’ are a shot of sweet fruit puree of raspberry, apricot, lemon or blackcurrant.

The best bit? You can ask for a squirt of ‘soy sauce’ which will be chocolate syrup!

Smoked salmon "sushi"

You might remember that I did a smoked salmon ‘sushi’ a while back which was a thin crepe filled with smoked salmon and nori, then rolled up and sliced to look like sushi. They were really yummy.

Do you think the New Zealand Natural ice cream company saw my post and were inspired? Just kidding! I better go deflate my head.

Have fun with this fellow-Aussies. I look forward to eating some when I’m back home in Sydney in December.

Christie x

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