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Posted on December 28, 2011 by ChristieTaste Tests

“I know you” says the woman as soon as I walk in the door. “You went to Bethany College, didn’t you?”.

Startled, I studied her face, ‘Cindy?’. No – Cindy is her sister, who I went to high school with. They look very alike. This is Merna, owner of the dessert company Homemade Finefoods. What a small world!

Today I am with my very good friend Lorraine visiting a factory shared by Pepe Saya, Pat & Sticks, Booza Ice Cream and Homemade Finefoods. Baby Poppy has also come along as she just loves a good taste testing adventure!

Pierre, the owner of Pepe Saya, takes us through the factory. He explains the origin of the company name (Pepe is his childhood nickname and ‘Saya’ came to him in a dream) and shows us his team who are busy hand rolling every butter order, some of which are destined for Sydney’s top restaurants like Rockpool Bar & Grill and Cotton Duck.

His butter is in high demand due to the single-origin cream from grass-fed herds and murray river pink salt – it’s slightly creamy, slightly acidic and completely moreish.

I particularly like the salted version sliced into thick wedges when ice cold because you can see the salt flakes marbling through the butter (not unlike fat in a wagyu steak) and the delicious salt crystals melt on your tongue. That’s if you eat the butter straight. Hang on, did I just admit to that?

Above, the friendly peeps at Unit 4, 3 Wood St, Tempe.

From L to R: “Stick” (Pat & Stick, co-owner), Merna Taouk (Homemade Finefoods, Owner), Ben Dutton (PR for The Stock Merchant + Pat & Stick), Pierre Issa (Pepe Saya, Owner), Tedy Altree-Williams (Booza Ice Cream, co-owner).

The factory is open to the public and is located in a little cul de sac street behind the new massive IKEA. A little shopping, a little indulgence – it’s the perfect half-day outing. I recommend you get down there to check it out.

We were going to go to IKEA for lunch, but then we got given this super generous goodie bag to take home so had to get it into the freezer ASAP. There was no way I was going to let all these delicious treats melt before being enjoyed.

Not pictured are the Homemade Finefoods Tiramisu and Rice Pudding or the Booza Ice Cream petit fours as hubby and I gobbled those down before they got a chance to be photographed! The Tiramisu in particular was AMAZING!

Also, special mention to Pat & Stick’s Vanilla Lace which is vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched between two crunchy oat and almond lace cookies. So good!

Plus, non-sweet related, I got given a brand new product by The Stock Merchant – crab stock. Keep your eyes peeled for a recipe using it, although I’m still deciding! Any suggestions?

Christie x

Fig & Cherry received these products to taste test with compliments of Pepe Saya, Homemade Finefoods, Booza and Pat & Sticks.

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