Meeting Margaret Fulton + Bonne Maman Conserves9

Posted on May 20, 2011 by ChristieFood News, Taste Tests

We bumped into Margaret Fulton as soon as we walked in the door.

“Hello! You look just like you do on TV!” said my Mum, shaking Margaret’s hand.

That’s us in the picture above. I’m in the centre, my Mum’s on the left and baby Poppy is in the pram – but unfortunately you can only see her favourite toy dog peeking out!

Perhaps I should explain.¬†We were at Baroque Bisto for a delicious Mother’s Day breakfast hosted by Bonne Maman with special guests Margaret Fulton, her daughter Suzanne Gibbs and two granddaughters Kate and Louise.

I’m sure you have tasted, or at least seen, the iconic red gingham lids of Bonne Maman Strawberry Conserve in the supermarket. It is a premium jam with a minimum of 50% fruit in each jar.

This special breakfast was to launch three new Bonne Maman conserve flavours: Quince Jelly, Redcurrant Jelly and Chestnut Cream and we ate dishes cooked by the talented staff at Baroque, using them to great effect. I also received a copy of The Seasonal Cookbook (pictured above) and I look forward to testing some of the recipes and posting them here for you to try too.

Some delicious French cheeses with quince jelly – the perfect sweet/sour condiment. Mum and I both liked the Brie best.

Little crispy pastry shells with foie gras and redcurrant jelly. Very moreish! We only got one each but could have easily eaten many more.

Crepe with chestnut cream filling. Such pretty presentation with gold flecks on the plate and the chestnut puree made these crepes even more decadent.

Poppy got a bit grizzly at this point so Mum took her outside to rock her to sleep in the pram while I mingled. One lovely person (I’m not sure who) cut up her crepe into little pieces so that she could eat it with one hand while pushing the pram with the other. What a star Grandma she is! Don’t you agree?

I was also lucky enough to win the door prize which was a copy of Louise Fulton Keats’ new cookbook ‘My Grandmother’s Kitchen’ signed by both Louise and Margaret. I’m very excited for Poppy to be old enough to use it and then I can tell her about the day she met the famous Margaret Fulton!

Have a good weekend, Christie x
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