Vitamin water saves the day!7

Posted on December 23, 2008 by ChristieTaste Tests

[Glaceau Vitamin Water – don’t you just love the posh box?]

Last night was our office Christmas party. So when a big box of Glaceau Vitamin water got delivered yesterday morning we knew it was going to come in handy!

We are feeling much better now that our bodies have been replenished with vitamins after being flooded with a bit too much alcohol at our very fun Christmas party.

We lunched at Quay (oh that view!) and drank at the Opera Bar and the Ivy (such nice furniture!) and generally had a merry old time.

I think Darcie from Zing PR might be psychic. She sent this over at just the right time and this morning everyone at our office applauds you!

Sorry guys, there’s no recipe again today, but there is a lovely fresh noodle salad coming up to help counteract all the festive gluttony. Drop by tomorrow for the recipe.

Happy eating, Christie

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