Black Eggs from ‘Big Hell’ Owakudani15

Posted on July 13, 2009 by ChristieTaste Tests, Travel Stories

[Black and chalky from cooking in a sulfurous hot spring]

On a day trip to Mt Fuji we were taken to the gorgeous volcanic Hakone mountains via cable car (sky gondala). We went to see the famous Owakudani Valley (literally, The Hell Valley); an ancient crater with sulfurous hot springs in which eggs are cooked. You can see steam rising from crevasses in the ground, hence why they call it ‘Big Hell’.

These eggs are believed to add 3 years to your life per egg eaten. We ate two each, even though the smell of the sulfur was extremely strong, and killed our appetite. We couldn’t really we pass up the opportunity to add 6 years to our lives!

[Peeling it, praying for some weird and wonderful innards]

As we peeled them we excitedly imagined what they’d look like inside. Would they be green like century eggs? Or maybe some weird colour / texture we’d never even heard of before?

[Nope, just looks and tastes like a regular boiled egg inside]

Unfortunately not. They’re just regular boiled eggs with a black shell!

[You can only purchase the eggs in a packet of 5]

[Hot sulfurous water – very stinky!]

[Gorgeous blue sky and the fairly steep trek up to the eggs]

[In the opposite direction the clouds are gathering – and Mt Fuji appears to float!]

We’d just come from Mt Fuji and got the most incredible view from this side. I love the way it appears to float on top of the clouds – no wonder it’s an object of worship. It’s very awe-inspiring.

Next stop was a pirate boat cruise on Lake Ashi and then we caught a bullet train back to Tokyo. It was a very fun and adventure filled day! I highly recommend Gray Line Tours as they were super professional, organised and entertaining.

Before the eggs we had lunch at Hakone Lake Hotel. That post is coming up soon.

Until next time, I heart Japan, Christie x

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