Baroque Bistro Patisserie Macarons8

Posted on April 7, 2011 by ChristieTaste Tests

Even more treats have landed on Fig & Cherry’s desk! At this rate, I doubt I’ll feel like indulging in any chocolate on Easter Day, but how can I care while I’m shovelling macarons down my gob?

These little beauties are from Baroque Bistro Patisserie on George St in Sydney and are the three newest flavours to launch for the Winter season.

Chai ($2.50): delicately spiced and filled with Valrhona ‘Tenariva’ milk chocolate ganache – these were my favourite of the bunch.

Chestnut & Pear ($2.50): Poire William liqueur and fresh pear filled with crushed chestnut butter cream – the butter cream was totally lick-able and the colour was a surprise. Perhaps the liqueur is red?

Black Truffle: Flavoured with Black Perigord truffles and filled with white Callebaut chocolate ganache – for serious macaron connoisseurs only, it’s rich, rich, rich!

Available from June 1st – sorry you have to wait almost a whole month two months to taste them! (Thanks to Joey for pointing out in the comments that I totally forgot about the month of May. Lol.)

Don’t worry, they’re worth it.

I’d love for you to drop by again and let me know what you think, chat to you then.

Disclosure: Fig & Cherry received these macarons with compliments from Wasamedia and Baroque Bistro Patisserie.

Happy eating! Christie x


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