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Posted on January 17, 2012 by ChristieTaste Tests

I absolutely despise seeing bleached bulbs of garlic at the green grocer labelled ‘China’ or ‘Mexico’ when we can grow beautiful fresh garlic here in Australia (not me, mind you. But wonderful green-thumbed people can).

That’s why when I saw a story about Anarel Farm Garlic on Celia’s blog, I got very excited.

Diana and Ian Ditchfield are small scale farmers who grow their garlic in the NSW Central Tablelands using no chemicals. They sell direct to the public and send the garlic to customers via Australia Post, however, after chatting with Diana on the phone I realised it was only a short drive to her Sydney home, so I collected the garlic myself.

I just love meeting the people behind the product and Diana is so obviously passionate about growing great tasting and sustainable produce. It was lovely to meet her and be inspired to take better care of my sad plants.

I asked her to give me a selection and she packaged up five different varieties. See picture above. This is how they tasted raw:

  • Australian White: pungent and slightly hot.
  • Australian Red: richer flavour than the white.
  • Australian Purple Stripe: rich flavour and slightly hot.
  • Xian: rich flavour but not too hot.
  • Shantung: hot with a strong flavour and notable aftertaste.

The garlic also freezes really well, so you can stock up in bulk. Celia has some good tips on how to do this here.

After tasting them raw, I was very curious to see how the flavour changed when they were roasted. I wrapped a head each of the white, red and purple stripe and baked them in the oven for about 40 minutes on 180C. The house smelled amazing.

I excitedly opened up the little shiny packages of foil and was pleased to find the cloves had gone all soft and jammy. Interestingly, the flavours of all three taste very similar when roasted, even though they taste slightly different when raw, with the Australian red winning for overall sweetness and a beautiful mellow, smooth flavour when roasted.

Some of the gorgeous roasted garlic went into a yummy egg recipe. Come back tomorrow to check it out! (Update – recipe was Egg boats with roasted garlic and goats cheese).

Are you a fan of garlic? Do you like it raw or roasted/cooked?

Christie x
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