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Posted on April 13, 2008 by ChristieRestaurants, Travel Stories

Jaipur Milton Keynes
[Jaipur Restaurant, Milton Keynes]

I’ve only got 3 weeks left in Milton Keynes, a small town about an hour out of London, and have received a few emails asking why I haven’t reviewed any local restaurants? Well, good question people.

So, here’s a quick overview of the places we’ve been to, with a more detailed review of a few of them to follow in the next few weeks.

Loch Fyne – a really nice seafood restaurant with fishmonger counter that sells to the public. We ate salt and pepper calamari, mussels with Thai sauce and pan fried halibut with roasted fennel. Everything was very fresh and expertly cooked, plus the complimentary bread was warm, crispy on the outside and fluffy within. I was envious of the 3 tiered seafood platter the couple next to us were eating. I want to go back for that…

Las Iguanas – an excellent Latin restaurant with great deals on meals to share. We had 5 tapas plates for £21 which was a good amount if you’re not feeling greedy. Stand out dishes were Serviche, which was lobster, tuna and crayfish marinated in mango, ginger and citrus and Pato Taquito, char grilled tortillas filled with shredded duck and chilli jam. There’s a good lively bar adjoining the restaurant too.

Thai Modern – this place is really new and we went on opening night and got free champagne! We’ve been back 5 more times and the food has been exceptional every time. Especially good are the massaman and roast duck red curries, and they have a whole trolley full of puddings to tempt you with. A must if you are in Milton Keynes.

Ha Ha Bar & Grill – we made good use of the bar for an after work drink; their wine list is carefully chosen and top quality. The Bear informs me that their beers on tap are not bad either. The restaurant cooks steaks to perfection and they’re served with delicious potato dauphinoise (that’s potato bake for the mere mortals!).

FuGu Teppanyaki – the chef was a very cute Chinese (!?) guy and he took a liking to us and gave us more tasty teppanyaki morsels than the other diners. I need to go back to try the sushi, but can thoroughly recommend one of the cocktails from the bar; Tokyo Bloody Mary made with Sake and Japanese chilli powder. Very spicy and very yummy.

Pizza Express – surprisingly good for a chain restaurant. Pizza’s weren’t overloaded with toppings and the base was thin and crispy. The salads and pastas coming out of the kitchen didn’t look too crash hot – I’m glad we stuck with the pizza.

Ask – this is an Italian chain restaurant and was OK. I had ravioli with crab and sage butter sauce and it was very nice. On the day we went it was a bit noisy and crowded, so that tarnished it a bit.

Giraffe – another chain restaurant, but it masquerades as unique. I always want it to better than it actually is. The service at this branch is terrible, the waitresses are slow and confused. The burgers are OK and the breakfasts are ordinary, the best thing on the menu are the fruit smoothies.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen – good burgers but the portions are huge. A bit annoying that they call the burger with beetroot and pineapple a ‘New Zealand’ burger, yeah right, that’s Aussie. Oh well. They make good chips – fat and crunchy and a great garlic dipping sauce that makes you absolutely stink afterwards. Nice.

Nando’s – in Oz Nando’s is just a takeaway place, but in the UK it’s much more upmarket, with proper sit down restaurants. I love Portuguese chicken and the spicier the better, so I like Nando’s. It doesn’t beat Petersham’s Charcoal Chicken in Sydney though, that’s the best Portuguese chicken in The World.

Zizzi – we went to this Italian restaurant for lunch and I had a tuna nicoise salad that didn’t include any potatoes? Confusing. We haven’t been back for dinner but the place is packed out every night and it has a wood fired oven, so I’m considering it.

Yeah, we like to try a lot of new places. I still want to go to Brasserie Blanc, a French restaurant, but after that I think we’ve exhausted the scene in Milton Keynes.

I hope that satisfies your curiosity.

Happy eating, Christie

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