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Hotel Raphael Rome, Italy

Simply have a drink at Hotel Raphael‘s gorgeous terrace bar.

You can make a reservation if you like, but we didn’t. It’s a super posh hotel so dress up nicely and waltz on through the lobby and up to the terrace bar.

You’ll be absolutely stunned at the the incredible view and you didn’t have to queue up or pay an entrance fee. If you’ve been to Rome, then you’ll know that’s quite a feat and definitely something to brag about.

Sure the drinks are expensive but they come with complimentary snacks. Yummy ones. Click ‘read more’ to see pictures of them.

Hotel Raphael Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic.

My drink of choice after a long day of sightseeing. It was very refreshing and on the cheeky side too, plus don’t you adore the cute swizzle stick? Maybe that’s just me.

Hotel Raphael Snacks

Complimentary snacks!

The bread was smeared with mayonnaise which was a little weird and there were small slices of chorizo – hey, am I still in Spain? But anyway, they were free and got served on a little silver tray so I shouldn’t complain.

Hotel Raphael Nuts

Complimentary nuts!

A generous amount. We even left a few there because we thought we’d ruin our appetite for dinner. The pistachios were particularly good; big and green and crunchy.

Hotel Raphael Christie

That’s me!

Enjoying the view and being photographed by The Bear, my lovely hubby.

Thank you

A very big thank you to the wonderful Douglas for the tip off. If you’re ever in Italy you should definitely try one of his Rome walking tours or Italian art workshops.

Alternatively, why not explore the city in depth with one of these Rome private tours.

Ciao, Christie x

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