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Posted on January 16, 2012 by ChristieRestaurants

From the minute we exited the lifts and saw the white picket fence, I was smitten.

The Victoria Room Tea Salon is a haven of girlishness, class and fun – all enclosed within a white picket fence and carefully decorated with splashes of my favourite colour pink (chair covers, menus, crockery).

Poppy and I met our dear friend Lorraine at midday for an indulgent high tea and a bit of obligatory girl talk! We ordered the Couture High Tea ($56), which comes with a flute of Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial (more details on the food in a minute) and the Cheddar and Thyme scone filled with smoked Atlantic salmon, crème fraiche & dill ($14).

It all arrived quite quickly and got beautifully arranged on the table. Lorraine and I started snapping away with our cameras as poor little Poppy sat staring at the spread longingly from her high chair. See picture above.

They don’t actually have high chairs available at the restaurant but the lovely waitstaff kindly went and found one from another shop just for us.

Once we were done photographing we got stuck into the high tea which included sandwiches, a selection of sweets, a choice of scone with cream and conserve and a pot of tea.

We started with the sandwich selection first; chicken, smoked salmon, beef and cucumber. The chicken was very nice; creamy with a hint of dill – Poppy gobbled some down in a flash. The smoked salmon was lemony with just the right amount of peppery rocket and the beef had a great kick due to the horseradish. I always get a little excited when eating sandwiches without crusts, it just feels so posh. How about you?

The cheddar and thyme scone with smoked salmon, however, was the star of the show for me. All the flavours just worked so well together – cheesy, herby, crunchy rocket, smooth rich salmon and a dollop of cooling creme fraiche. What a winning combination.

Next up was the sweet scone. We chose the rose flavoured one which had a tasty bit of turkish delight on top (I would have liked a bit more actually!). It was served with proper cream (of which Lorraine and I are both fans) and was really quite good – warm, soft and crumbly without being dry. I let Poppy have a taste and she kept pointing at it to signal she wanted more.

Unfortunately I only got to briefly taste the sweet pastry selection as Poppy was getting tired and needed a bit of a cuddle. Check out Lorraine’s post for full details on those (and lots of cute pics of Poppy too!). I did, however, manage to scoff down a bit of lukewarm tea (as is the case of a Mum!), but the Darjeeling tea I ordered was really full flavoured and served in the most beautiful tea pot.

Yes, we’re greedy. As you can imagine we were pretty full by then but we just couldn’t leave without tasting one of their delicious sounding sundaes. The gorgeous beast above is the Knickerbocker Glory (awesome name! $12.95). It had layers of strawberries, hand-made ice cream, meringue pieces, almond praline and warm chocolate sauce. Oh my! So good!

Of course Poppy wanted a taste of this too, so I did give her a few teaspoons as a treat.

If you’re looking for a peaceful oasis to rest your shopping-weary legs that is away from noisy street noise and busy food courts, then I suggest you take the lift up to level 5 and sit down to a nice cup of tea and some carefully made sweets at the Tea Salon. If you’re feeling flush, then maybe a look around in the designer shops afterwards could be in order too.

Do you like seeking out good places to have high tea?

Christie x
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