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This is how I have to eat a lot of the time these days.

Classy, I know.

If you look closely you can also see egg yolk dripping down my arm.

Really classy, I know.

But I’ll tell you what, it was worth the sticky egg stains. That was one of the best bacon and egg rolls I’ve had up here in the Northern Rivers.

It’s from a brand new cafe called The Belle General at Shelly Beach in Ballina, and it’s got me salivating to get back and eat the rest of the menu!


It was a stunning morning and Poppy was itching to get out and do her most favourite thing in the whole world – explore rock pools. Her preferred rock pool experience is at Shelly Beach in Ballina, which was handy because that’s where we wanted to head to check out this new cafe.

We would have liked to have sat down and leisurely ordered some coffee and food while reading blogs on our phones, but alas, that is not the way our family rolls right now with an active 3 year old chicky babe and a 4 month old lil dude.

So it was takeaway coffees (which were excellent, Allpress Coffee) and a couple of bacon and egg rolls to go.

Hubby had the bright idea of snapping them in the sand dunes for a full beach experience feature story. Are you feeling it?


Poppy set off on her adventure while we slugged back our coffee and demolished those delicious rolls. The egg yolks were perfectly gooey and the bacon crisp then the additions were just right for me – mayo, rocket, capsicum relish.

Hubby noted that some melted cheese would have made it even more amazing for him.


We are on the very edge of the east coast of Australia here. Out in the ocean past the breakers is New Zealand. Can you see it? Just kidding, it’s super far away. Sorry to pull your leg international readers!


A cheesy posed shot for you, and a little fist pump from Max.


This is what the cafe looks like from the outside. You can’t miss it. Sorry, no shots of the lovely bright interior, maybe on the next visit!

The Belle General
12 Shelly Beach Rd, East Ballina
Ph: (02) 6681 3263
Facebook page

What does your perfect bacon and egg roll have on it?

Christie x
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