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Posted on October 11, 2008 by ChristieRestaurants

Today was finally the day for the Sydney Food Blogger meet up at East Ocean Restaurant. After weeks of deliberating about who was coming and where we were going, the big day came and went surprisingly quickly. Plus, I discovered we’ve all got something else in common other than food… talking!

Being the organiser, I arrived early and with butterfly belly nervousness. Would I be dining alone today at this table set for 10? Nope. I had 11 wonderful dining companions; Suze, Helen, Kathryn, Jen, Lisa, Howard, Qing, Lorraine, Reem, Belle and William.

I was talking too much to take notes on every dish but there were the usuals like har gow, chinese greens, steamed rice noodles, chicken feet, custard tarts, mango pancakes and mango pudding topped with condensed milk.

We also had something I hadn’t eaten before – ‘Footballs’. That’s not the technical name for them, but it certainly describes the shape. They had a crispy, flaky pastry outer shell with a soft glutinous inner shell and a filling of pork mince, prawns, shallots and mushrooms. Very tasty, although a little sweet for my liking and apparently they should have been crispier on the outside.

We also, of course, drank lots and lots of green tea to help our poor groaning digestives systems cope with the overload.

It took a while to start eating though because once the table was covered with dishes everyone whipped out their cameras and started flashing away. The ladies pushing the trolleys certainly found it very amusing!

Loads of other stuff happened too, but this is getting too long already and that’s not my style. If you’re craving more info, then click on the names above to visit some amazing blogs, drool over their photos and read their observations of the day.

Thanks so much for a fantastic lunch guys, let’s do it again soon!

Happy eating, Christie

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