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Posted on December 24, 2009 by ChristieRestaurants, Travel Stories

The Byron_Oysters

Freshly shucked oysters on ice with cucumber, lime and Campari dipping sauce

From the minute we’re seated at The Byron at Byron Restaurant, to the moment we leave, we’re relaxed and at ease. We certainly understand what it means to ‘discover natural luxury’, which is what the famous resort and spa aims to achieve.

We’re immediately introduced to our waiter Rob who’s a chatty and like-able bloke that’s very knowledgeable about both the resort and the menu.

I especially enjoy him telling us about the rare species of snail called Mitchell’s rainforest snail that’s native to the area and living in the forest surrounding the resort. Apparently a team of conservationists arrive every fortnight to check on and count how many are left so as to make sure they are thriving.

Being environmentally conscious is a way of life for locals in the Byron Bay area and it’s really nice to see businesses being equally as aware.

But I digress, let’s get onto the food, it’s probably why you’re reading this. First up it’s freshly shucked oysters and boy-oh-boy they’re great! Dillon keenly notices that the lemons are served as ‘cheeks only’ so no pips or pith will spoil the super-fresh oysters. I like lemons served this way, it makes squeezing easier and a less squirt-y experience.

The dipping sauce is a nice combination of cool and tangy and doesn’t overpower the fresh ocean taste of the oysters. Did I mention how super-fresh they were? Just perfect.

The Byron_Mahi Mahi

Market fish: Mahi Mahi, steamed potatoes and Summer vegetables with lemon emulsion

I decided to have the market fish of the day and I wasn’t surprised when it was mahi mahi as I’d eaten a daily special at nearby Lennox Head restaurant Fishy Fishy the day before. I guess there was a big fresh haul of them in the past few days.

The fish was absolutely expertly cooked; moist, fleshy and drowned in just the right amount of lemony butter. You really couldn’t ask for a better fish meal. Broccoli is expensive in the area at the moment, so it was very nice to have a generous serve of tender broccolini that was well seasoned and had a nice bite.

The Byron_Fried Snapper

Deep fried snapper fillets and twice cooked chips with aioli and tomato chutsauce

Dillon ordered the snapper. He declared the dish ‘posh fish and chips’ and he means that in the most complimentary way possible. Fish and chips done really well is definitely a culinary jewel.

The batter was perfectly crisp and not in the slightest bit oily. The accompanying aioli was delightfully garlicky but the ‘chutsauce’ did taste just like ketchup. There was no explanation of the ‘chutsauce’ but I can only guess it’s chutney mixed with tomato sauce.

I have to quickly say how much I love my new camera as you can clearly see the delicious seas salt flakes on the fish.

The Byron_Pannacotta

Coconut pannacotta with pineapple, mango and kaffir lime salsa

I ordered this for two reasons. 1) I am in love with kaffir lime, it’s my favourite smell, and I love when it is used in desserts, and 2) I’m making a coconut pannacotta with mango salad for our Christmas Day dessert so I wanted to taste one that was expertly made close to the day for inspiration.

Admittedly, this will probably backfire as mine will no doubt not turn out as perfectly creamy and wobbly, but alas – a girl can try, right?

Mangoes are in season in Australia as it’s Summertime right now so the fruit was beautifully ripe and really is a great match for the creaminess of the pannacotta. Also, I loved the presentation in a martini glass, very festive.

The Byron_Mousse Cake

Callebat chocolate and sour cherry mousse cake, hazelnut brittle and creme mascarpone

I practically forced Dillon to order this because of the cherries and mascarpone, which combined with chocolate and hazelnuts is a personal favourite of mine. Dillon’s a chocolate lover so he wasn’t too fussed about not being able to make a dessert choice (I’m usually a nice wife, honest!).

The mousse cake was extremely rich (in a good way) and the sour cherries helped to cut through that. The hazelnut brittle provided a nice crunchy contrast and the two types of cream is heaven in my book. Sweetened whipped cream and more savoury (but still sweet) mascarpone cream were really good additions. I’m going to try serving two types for my next dinner party.

Needless to say, the plate was licked clean.

Final thoughts

After such a fantastic lunch beside the gorgeous infinity pool and the enthusiasm and friendliness of the staff, it’s no wonder I’m dying to go back and stay at the resort.

With complimentary morning yoga classes and a long list of massages and spa treatments it’s the perfect escape any time of the year. I think it would be particularly wonderful during Winter when you can make full use of the deluxe spa suites!

Not to mention I’d love to try the degustation dinner and creative cocktails at the bar.

For more photos of The Byron at Byron property (including one of me posing in the rainforest) click here to go to my Flickr page.

Dillon and I dined as guests of The Byron at Byron and very much appreciated it! A big thank you to Caroline Desmond for organising it and Gavin Hughes for cooking us a delicious lunch.

Last thing! This is my 200th post. I’m glad it was for such a yummy meal!

Merry Christmas everyone! Christie x

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