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Posted on July 4, 2011 by ChristieRestaurants

If you live in Sydney, I’m sure you have eaten (or at least heard of) Sonoma bread. It’s the bakery of choice for most good restaurants, cafes and delis.

Sonoma have several cafes across Sydney, and have just opened a brand new head office and large commercial bakery at Alexandria, along with an on-site cafe serving breakfast and lunch. I tried one of their delicious sandwich combinations of pulled pork, cucumber and herbs on one of my three visits last week.

The first visit was for a meeting with Liquid Ideas, their PR company, but I wrote the meeting time down incorrectly and was an hour late (damn baby brain! Can I still blame it after almost 8 months?). The second visit was for the meeting, at the right time, and the third was with hubby and Poppy early on Saturday morning to check out their breakfast menu.

We timed our visit for Poppy’s nap, but of course, she had other ideas – so we just ordered our coffee and food and let her charm the people beside us with her gummy smiles. Then, when she got really screechy Dillon bundled her into the pram for a bumpy ride around the block until she drifted off. Meanwhile, I got 10 minutes of uninterrupted coffee drinking and eavesdropping time. Pure luxury for a new(ish) Mummy.

Hubby ordered the Buckwheat pancakes with Strawberry and Vanilla Compote ($15). He loved the flavour but wished the crumpets were crispier on the outside. They were a little too dense without enough of the lovely iconic crumpet holes that are perfect for soaking up toppings. The compote, however, was delish.

I ordered the Baked Eggs with Smoked Speck, Spinach & Sonoma Toast ($14) and was very pleased with my choice. The photo above makes the portion look a little small but it was actually very filling. The little chunks of speck were smokey, fatty and full of punch, while the oozy melted cheese added even more richness.

On all three of my visits the staff were absolutely lovely. They remembered me, my daughter’s name and the kind of coffee I drink. Very impressive. With service like that there is no doubt people will travel from far and wide for a bite to eat and an excellent loaf of bread. No matter where you live, make the trip there and experience it for yourself!

Christie x

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