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Posted on January 13, 2011 by ChristieRestaurants

This is the pizza to eat if you only eat pizza once a year!

Well, according to my hubby’s Grandma (and my little girl’s Great-Grandma), who only eats pizza at xmas time when she visits family in Lennox Head.

There is only one pizza shop in town – Lennox Head Pizza and Pasta – so that’s where she goes.

She could, of course, venture further afield to the many pizza shops in Ballina or Byron Bay, but why do that when there is delicious pizza right there on your doorstep?

In the interests of properly reviewing the pizza I got a group of 5 people together (plus baby Poppy, but she didn’t get to taste any!) and we ordered 4 medium pizzas and two serves of garlic bread.

The garlic bread (not pictured) was good quality sliced sourdough, slightly charred and buttered with garlic on both sides. It was exactly what you want garlic bread to be like.

OK, now onto the pizzas.

First, a word about the dough base. It doesn’t matter how fresh the toppings are on a pizza, if the dough isn’t right then you may as well not eat it. This dough was good; just enough salt, oil, chewiness, crispness and properly wood-fired.

Bonus points for cutting the pizzas into perfect slices (I hate it when they are stuck together) and providing little serving shovels – a very nice touch.

First up was Phuket Chicken (pictured above in the foreground). The base was smothered in a pleasingly hot green curry paste and topped with chicken breast strips, bean sprouts, coriander and capsicum. I was dubious that melted cheese would work with these other toppings but it was actually very nice.

Next up, St Figo. This was our only vegetarian option and had olives, fetta, red onion and pesto. It was my favourite. Simple topping combos are the best. I loved the way all the salty ingredients like fetta and olives worked together but didn’t result in a really salty taste overall.

The Lennox Head Special. We had to order this, obviously! It was a mixture of seafood (prawns, fish, squid) as well as sweet potato and tomato. It tasted nice, but I felt like there were too many flavours competing for attention.

Meat lovers. I wouldn’t normally ever order meat lovers pizza, but some members of our group fancied it. There was a bit too much meat on it for my liking, but it got two thumbs up from the blokes, so there you go.

Even though Grandma only eats it once a year, it doesn’t mean you have to. If you’re passing through Lennox Head or camping at Lake Ainsworth, drop in for a slice or two. Then you will be fuelled up for surf or have a full belly to indulge in a few cocktails at the nearby bars.

Address: 2/56 Ballina Street Lennox Head NSW 2478.
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Happy eating! Christie x

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