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Posted on July 28, 2011 by ChristieRestaurants

Cafes that have a great location often slack off a bit because they know customers will turn up no matter what.

Cinque has got one of the best positions on King St right next to the Dendy Cinema Newtown, but instead of coasting along on their laurels they embrace the opportunity with both hands.

Cinque stands out from their (many!) competitors by offering a daily blackboard of interesting and seasonal specials, as well as making the best of their small counter space by bringing takeaway coffees out to punters while they people-watch on the footpath, or dig through records in the shop next door.

No coffee for me on this visit though, I only had eyes for mushrooms on the menu, and the two most enticing were hearty pasta dishes.

First up was a large portion of Porcini and button mushroom risotto ($16). It was absolutely bursting with mushroom goodness with the porcini adding a savoury note and the buttons provided big juicy morsels. Small flecks of thyme and parsley were welcome bits of greenery among the rich parmesan and cream sauce.  The verdict? An all-round funghi-tastic dish (sorry, I’m a word geek).

Gnocchi can often be stodgy but not in this case. The little potato/pasta balls in the Gnocchi with mushrooms, bacon and cream sauce ($15) were light, fluffy and generously coated in sauce. Nestled in between the pasta were crispy pieces of bacon and nice, thick slices of mushrooms. The gnocchi was the star of this dish but, as with most pasta recipes, adding mushrooms made it even more delicious.

Service can be a bit hit and miss (there seems to be a high-ish turnover of staff), but the food almost always delivers in both taste and portion size. If you’re catching a flick at the Dendy then consider visting Cinque before or after for a tasty bite and a decent coffee.

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