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Posted on February 21, 2008 by ChristieRestaurants, Travel Stories

Bodean’s Soho Special
[The Soho Special, Bodean’s BBQ Smoke House Restaurant]

After a very busy morning shopping on Oxford Street, I thank my lucky stars I used to work in Central London, because I know exactly where the Soho locals go for a hearty feed. I slip off the main drag and into Poland Street where the best American style BBQ house is patiently waiting for me… behold, Bodean’s BBQ Smokehouse Restaurant. As I enter I notice the cute pig faced handle on the door, and I feel glad to be back.

I’m warning you, DO NOT go here if you are not absolutely starving (I think the picture above can clarify this). The portions are stupidly big, tasty and excellent value – if you like meat that is, lots and lots of meat.

On this visit, the Bear and I had our old favourite, The Soho Special. This is basically a massive soft white bun* filled with a mountain of slow cooked and shredded pork and beef (no, one type of meat is not enough!) mixed with barbeque sauce. It’s served with pickles and really crispy chips. The pickles are so good, I could even forgo the chips; they have a complex sweet and sour flavour that really compliments the meat. The Bear hates them, so I got his too. No complaints there.

Other than this delicious meal, I can whole heartedly recommend the ‘Pig out for a Tenner’ meal. I found it impossible to finish. But the guys that I went with last time had no troubles at all. For £10 you get 1/2 rack of spare ribs along with 200 grams of pulled pork served with coleslaw and fries and the choice of a house beer or soft drink. The coleslaw for me had a bit too much mayonnaise, but the ribs are fantastic, they have lots of meat on them and are really juicy and flavoursome.

The only downside is the blaring TV in the corner playing American Football. It’s loud and sporty and not my cup of tea. Oh, did I mention they have unlimited drink refills? Oh yes, as much Coca Cola as you can drink! Heaven for a sugar sensitive gal like me and reminiscent of trips to Pizza Hut when I was younger where the drink and dessert bar refills were disgracefully abused. Those were the days.

Bodean’s BBQ Smoke House Restaurant
10 Poland Street
London, W1F 8PZ
Ph: 020 7287 7575

*Now, you know I hate white bread. I think it’s the devil and never ever eat it if I have the option for wholemeal. But in this case, it’s the whole experience of hardening your arteries with all that meat, potato and fat that I may as well go the whole hog with some extra white bread. Besides, it’s my sacrifice for you, my dear reader. I’ll do anything to provide you with good content. Even eat white bread (very occasionally).

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