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Posted on July 14, 2011 by ChristieRestaurants

It is with much trepidation that I post this review of Big Brekky here on Fig & Cherry. This cafe is really popular with locals in the inner west, and already so difficult to get a table at, that I am hesitant to promote it further and risk never being able to eat there!

Alas, it is one of the restaurants participating in Mushroom Mania Month and one of my favourite breakfast cafes, so we wake up early on Saturday and head there with little Poppy in tow.

We grab a table outside and although there is a chilly wind blowing we move our table into the sun on the grass and all is good. After drinking a very nice, strong flat white and chatting to the older couple next to us (who were smitten with Poppy!) our brekky arrives.

I ordered the Vegetarian omelette with mushrooms, kipfler potatoes, spinach and mixed herbs ($13). Big chunks of flat mushrooms were meaty, juicy and bouncy and arranged in between soft, yet crunchy slices of potato and herbs. I think I can taste basil and tarragon, but I’m not on an episode of Masterchef with my life on the line, so don’t quote me.

Open face omelettes like this are my favourite because the ingredients that poke out above the egg get nice and browned and the egg mixture firms up. Hubby thought it tasted too creamy but I quite liked it – probably because there actually was cream in the mixture – and we all know how fond of cream I am! The mushrooms and potato balanced out the richness quite well.

Hubby ordered Oeuf en coq ($15), or baked eggs for you non-French speaking folk. They came with mushrooms, eggplant, spinach and capsicum in a tomato sauce flavoured with paprika, turmeric and cumin and actually had a Moroccan vibe going on, according to hubby.

The addition of eggplant was an unusual breakfast choice but worked really well with the other flavours. The mushrooms, however, were the star thanks to their sponge-like ability to soak up the sauce and provide big chunks of juiciness.

The toast was cut up into ‘soliders’ which were the perfect vehicle for dipping and scooping up the moreish (moorish?) sauce. See what I did there?

Here’s another picture of the baked eggs once we’d attacked it a bit with a fork. On a side note – I need to get myself some of those terracotta dishes, they are perfect for baked eggs.

If you are travelling with children you might like to know that this cafe has a baby change table and plenty of toys in the outdoor area to keep kids entertained. They do get a bit grubby though, so I’d suggest giving them a quick wet-wipe down before letting your little ones loose on them.

Big Brekky is really good value both for the quality of ingredients and the portion sizes, plus the waitstaff are friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. Specials are always fresh and just as good as the staple menu items which is not always the case in busy cafes! I want to say I recommend you head on down there, but I greedily want this little gem all to myself and my friends. Sorry, at least I’m honest.

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This restaurant was reviewed as part of Mushroom Mania month which is happening all across Australia during July 2011. Fig & Cherry dined at Big Brekky with compliments of Mushroom Growers Australia.

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