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Posted on December 16, 2008 by ChristieRestaurants, Travel Stories

[Roquefort cheese soufflé, pear and walnut]

Brasserie Blanc is the restaurant of the famous French chef Raymond Blanc. There are eight locations, but I went to the one in Milton Keynes, which is less than an hour North of London.

My friend K and I decided on two courses, a starter and a main. Although the puddings are good we just weren’t in the mood for sweets.

To start I had the Roquefort cheese soufflé with pear and walnut. It was delicious. Light and fluffy with a good amount of cheese and offset perfectly by the ripe pear and crunchy nuts that sat in a pool of olive oil and sharp balsamic.

[Steamed Loch Fyne mussels with white wine and cream]

K had the Steamed Loch Fyne mussels with white wine and cream. I always get a shock when mussels are served as the pots never fail to weigh down the table! It was a generous but not greedy amount – although the bounty of shells can be deceiving.

The service was prompt and friendly without invading personal space, which I liked. The room is a lovely warm space with crisp white tablecloths, plush leather chairs, polished cutlery and flattering lighting.

The kitchen is open along one side of the dining room and I of course positioned myself so that I could see the action. I absolutely adore watching chefs plate food, it’s mesmerising.

[Poached fish, fennel and vegetables in bouillabaisse sauce]

There was a nice gap before our mains arrived and I had a special of Poached fish, fennel and vegetables in bouillabaisse sauce. The bouillabaisse was complex and rich and the fish was moist and perfectly poached. I do believe I licked the plate clean (not literally, that would be rude).

[Grilled King Prawns with Garlic Mayonnaise and Chips]

K had the King prawns with garlic mayonnaise and chips. She’d ordered it before and knew exactly what to expect – ‘King’ was not just a title, but a reality. Have a look at the size of those beauties! The only place I’ve ever seen prawns like that is in Ballina.

I also love the way all the grilled meat and seafood is served on a wooden board. It’s so rustic. Is that a French thing? I don’t remember steak being served that way in Paris or Toulouse.

Next time I’ll go back and fit in pudding. I want to try the Flaming Baked Alaska and the cheese selection. French cheeses are to die for!

Happy eating, Christie

Brasserie Blanc
Chelsea House
301 Avebury Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes
PH: +44 (0) 1908 546 590

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