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Posted on July 19, 2012 by ChristieRestaurants

This restaurant has been reviewed to celebrate Mushroom Mania which is happening all across Australia during July. Scroll to the bottom of this post for full details on how you can take part and win a $150 dinner at your favourite restaurant.

Perci Cafe is a tiny little hole in the wall on the ‘good’ side of the Stanmore train tracks. The side that is slowly trying to be gentrified, but in reality, is actually a trial and error spot for various cafes and other miscellaneous businesses like deli’s, florists and baby stores.

Most new, and ‘fancier’, restaurants don’t last long there (RIP The Codfather, what a great name), but Perci Cafe has been around for years. We have driven and walked past it many times, but never bothered to check it out. The day had come.

There was only one high chair, so we were lucky to walk in just as another couple with a baby was packing up to leave. Have you ever tried to eat breakfast with one hand with a baby sitting on your lap? It’s quite unpleasant.

Mini-crisis averted, we got set on perusing the menu. Service was not very attentive at first, but we got there quite early, so when a second waitress arrived it improved a lot. Especially as she was really into Poppy, serving her the most humongous babycino with an even bigger smile.

Hubby decided on scrambled eggs with sides of mushrooms, bacon and avocado (see first picture above). The eggs were beautifully creamy, but the mushrooms were actually the star. Gently cooked until super-juicy and flavoured with butter, thyme and lots of pepper with just a hint of garlic, and they disappeared real-quick-smart. See close-up picture of them above.

I really fancied a big plate of creamy eggs benedict. They didn’t come with mushrooms so I requested them as a side and they worked beautifully! Definitely a combo I’ll be ordering again.

They were the same juicy mushrooms described above and were divine dipped into the indulgent hollandaise sauce. The eggs were also poached perfectly runny, so I let the yolks run onto the mushrooms too, like a delicious pure, eggy sauce. Divine.

Miss Poppy got a serve of raisin toast which I cut up into little squares which she completely ignored. She preferred to play with her little wind up baby and then sit in her pram for a snooze. The raisin toast was actually very nice and was served with really good quality salted butter. Hubby and I polished it off slathered liberally with butter, enjoying the subtle spice and chewy crust.

Last but not least, the coffee was good, good enough for the Coffee Dorks to mention it and the tea was proper loose and served strong, just as I like it. Perci Cafe is well worth a try if you live nearby and don’t need lots of space to dine (2 kids or less).

Christie x

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