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Campari Aperitif

Nobile Pasticcerie Venice

Afternoon delight

You know what’s great about eating out in Italy? Campari aperitifs.

There’s a choice of sweet or bitter but I always choose bitter. It goes better with the olive and whatever savoury snack you’re having with it; nuts, sliced meats, bread or the delightful little pizza pies pictured above.

It was a hot day and we’d been walking quite a while through the back streets of Venice when we happened past the Nobile Pasticcerie with a lot of people gathered around, smoking furiously.

A quick peek inside revealed why. Sweet and savoury snacks were carefully arranged behind a glass counter; individual pizza pies, spinach and ricotta pastries, big fluffy white meringues and pistachio biscotti were all piled dazzlingly high.

They were being eaten by locals with one hand while the other held a Campari aperitif and somehow they also smoked a cigarette (a third hand?). We immediately wanted to do the same. Not the smoking bit, but all the rest.

We ordered our aperitifs and pizza snacks and stood by the window grinning.

I love the way Italians eat quickly while standing up at the bar. Whether it’s an  espresso pick-me-up, or an alcoholic lets-get-this-party-started aperitif, it creates a certain drama and urgency to the day that’s very very addictive.

Needless to say, this drink and snack were delicious! The pizza dough was soft, made with good quality olive oil and filled with a rich tomato sauce that only the Italians know how to do so perfectly. A small slice of melted mozarella was indeed, the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Venice is a truly magical place and bursting with little hole-in-the-wall places like this to discover. Yes, it can be expensive, but when you’ve got an aperitif in your hand and a great travelling companion, it barely matters.

Pasticcerie Nobile in Venezia
30121 Venezia (VE)
1818, Cannaregio
ph: +39 041 720731

Ciao, Christie x

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