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Posted on May 5, 2008 by ChristieRestaurants, Travel Stories

[Top: Jerk Chicken, Above: Pineapple Jerk Chicken]

I’m going to squeeze in one more London review before returning my attention to the wonderful city of Sydney and it’s lovely Autumnal weather. Note: It’s warmer than Spring in the UK. (Sorry guys, it’s true).

The Bear and I were craving some Caribbean food during our last weekend trip to London and we knew we had to head straight to Mr jerk, because as far as I know (and someone correct me if I’m wrong), there aren’t any good places to get it in Sydney.

Mr Jerk is just off Oxford Street and famous for it’s delicious Jerk chicken, rice and peas and my absolute favourite fried plantain.

Plaintain is a delicious type of cooking banana that is excellent fried, especially when chipped and fried. You need to use the under ripe green ones because the starch holds the chip together. Don’t throw out over ripe and soft ones though! They are perfect for a sweet mash flavoured with hot chilli flakes and white pepper. I’ve even used them as a crumble ingredient with brown sugar and cinnamon.

But I digress. Back to Mr Jerk. The portions are absolutely gigantic as you can see in the pictures above but that didn’t stop me from ordering a side dish of fried plantain, did I mention that I love it? The Bear ate the Jerk chicken which was a very large leg smothered in a delicious sauce and I had the Pineapple Jerk chicken which was sliced up pieces of marinated chicken mixed with fresh chunks of pineapple and sweet/sour pickled red onion.

Both dishes were served with a garden salad and the famous Caribbean carb staple; rice and peas. It’s a funny name for it because the rice is actually made with a variety of different legumes such as kidney beans, black-eyed peas or cowpeas. It’s very fragrant because the beans are first cooked with pimento and garlic and then with the rice and coconut milk. Mr Jerk’s version is particularly yummy.

With absolutely no room for dessert we headed off for a walk to the Apple store on Regent Street to ponder our next purchase…

Happy eating, Christie

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