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Posted on June 30, 2008 by ChristieEvents, Restaurants

[Max Brenners Dark Thick Italian Chocolate in a hug mug]

[Max Brenners Chocolate and Banana Pizza with Marshmallows and Sugared Pecans]

Yesterday I met up with Leigh, Riayn, Fern and Veronica at Max Brenners in Parramatta for a bit of a chat and a whole lotta chocolate. I only drank a hot chocolate – but as you can see from the picture it was very thick and rich! And delicious!

The little mug it’s served in is called a Hug Mug because you place your hands around each side and well, hug it, while you drink through the narrow end. It’s a great (warm) feeling.

It was really nice to put faces to the names of the wonderful blogs I read and we all got along right away and chatted for over two hours. The conversation went around the world and back and included some crazy online encounters – we blabbed so long we almost forgot to order food…

The pizza was way too intense for me to try, so I left it up to the others to dive in and devour it – but that melted chocolate was hazardous! It got all over Leigh’s camera. The problem was, it was served to us without any plates which was a bit silly. Max – you need to sort that out. Melted chocolate pizza + no plates = a guaranteed mess!

Sorry to the ladies that emailed me on Saturday morning with last minute RSVPs – I had already left. But don’t despair, there’ll be another one very soon – we’re thinking High Tea at the Sofitel (because, you know, we’re posh). See you there!

Happy eating, Christie

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