Capital Grill, Circular Quay + POM Juice4

Posted on March 14, 2011 by ChristieRestaurants

Capital Grill has loads of fabulous meat on the menu and hubby was especially drooling over the Wagyu sirloin with 5+ marbling from Oakleigh ranch in QLD.

However, we will have to go back to try those mouth-watering steaks because on this visit we were there to try the pomegranate inspired dishes that Head Chef and owner, Dah Lee, created in partnership with POM Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice.

The dishes have been on the menu all Summer and are about to be removed so head down there soon to check them out! Let’s take a photo journey of them now…

We started with this complimentary amuse bouche of Cream of cauliflower soup with truffle oil. It looked very unassuming but packed a delicious punch! It’s the kind of rich soup you wish you could eat a whole bowl of, but with the amount of cream and butter would probably bring on heart failure. It was the perfect start to the meal.

Oysters with Pomegranate-Cracked Pepper Granita.

I’m a big fan of oysters, but hubby – not so much, so I devoured most of these. I think the secret to really enjoying oysters is getting the technique of piercing them with your teeth to release the briny flavour and then bringing them forward in the mouth with your tongue so that you can swallow them smoothly in one go. That’s how I do it.

If you chew too much then the flavour gets overwhelming but if you don’t bite into them then you don’t get to appreciate the flavour enough, it’s a fine line.

These were served with a pomegranate granita spiked with red onion and black pepper (scroll up to the first picture of this post). I really liked the sweet/savoury combination and it got my creative juices flowing with how else sweet pomegranate juice can be used in savoury dishes. More on that another day.

House Cured Salmon with Pomegranate Vinaigrette, Potato Thins and Crisp Caper Aioli.

The house cured salmon was absolutely moreish; salty, smokey and melt-in-the-mouth tender. All the other elements on the plate worked well to compliment the fish and hubby noted in particular that when you got a mouthful with all the ingredients that the textural experience was fantastic. Especially the crunch of the potato with the ‘pop’ of the fresh pomegranate aril. (Weird name, but that’s what the little pomegranate fruit seeds are called).

After this we were served a kingfish dish that didn’t feature pomegranates but was purely to round out the meal before moving onto dessert.

However, we never got to try the delicious-sounding Mango Pomegranate Martini, as our beautiful 3 month old daughter Poppy was upset at home with her grandparents so we had to apologise and make a quick exit.

I’m thinking of having a go at making a pomegranate-themed dessert in the next week or so to make up for it! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you might remember back in 2009 I made a very yummy pomegranate granita with lychee and gin with POM Wonderful juice that went down a treat.

Let’s see if I can outdo myself with a new dessert – I’m thinking about using the juice as a poaching liquid. Have you got any requests or suggestions?

Fig & Cherry dined as guests of Capital Grill, POM Wonderful and Bang PR. Special thanks to Emma for organising the evening.

Happy eating! Christie x

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