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Posted on July 25, 2012 by ChristieRestaurants

My burger arrived and I hurriedly looked under the ‘hood’ of the bun.

“Oh no!” I thought, “they forgot to put the mushroom on.”

Then I had another thought “dammit, there must just be a few mushrooms ground up into the patty”. Instead of going to the counter to check, I decide to taste it first, and boy am I glad I did…

POW. The mushroomy taste hit me with the first bite. Delicious! For such a thin patty they sure as hell packed a lot of flavour into it.

Completely vegan and filled with mushrooms, kumara, chickpeas and basil – the patty is filling and tasty-to-boot. You don’t miss the meat. At. All. Topped with beetroot, relish, vegetarian cheese, salad and aioli, it’s a feast to say the least! OK, I’ve finished with the descriptive words and annoying rhyming sentences.

Ooops, I’ve forgotten to even tell you the name of it. It’s a Beetnik GT burger ($9.60) from the New Zealand chain Burger Fuel in Newtown, Sydney. I’m there with hubby and baby toddler Poppy for lunch (I keep forgetting she’s not a baby any more!).

When dining at a new burger place, hubby likes to try their plain cheeseburger, as a measuring tool for how good they are. Just like when we visit a Thai restaurant for the first time, we will always order chicken panang curry and beef pad kee mao and judge the whole restaurant based on how well they do them – yep, we’re tough.

But back to the burger. I ordered him a Third Pounder with Cheese ($9.60). He deemed the beef patty juicy and flavoursome, however there was far too much aioli on it. It was completely drowning in the stuff so that made it less than enjoyable.

A real highlight of this chain is their kumara fries made with white sweet potatoes. They are a nice change from potato chips (although they do these well too) but can get a bit too much about 3/4 of the way through the packet – just a little too much sweetness.

However, I do love a sweet/salty combo so the sweetness of the flesh with the ample sea salt sprinkled on top is a winner. I just wish they would have been a little bit crispier.

Poppy usually only drinks water or full cream milk, but very occasionally I let her have some 100% juice (usually those cold pressed Preshafruit ones that I am obsessed with) when we are out and about. I was very pleased to see a new product from Charlie’s that is 50% apple juice and 50% water mixed together in cute packs with a built in straw. Poppy loved the novelty packaging and I was happy about the smaller amount of sugar. Win, win.

Last thing – I dined at this restaurant as part of Mushroom Mania which is happening all over Australia in July. If you’d like to win a $150 restaurant voucher you have only a few days left. Scroll down for more details on how to win.

Christie x

Burger Fuel
172 King Street, Newtown
New South Wales
+61 2 9519 4700

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