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Posted on March 6, 2008 by ChristieRestaurants, Travel Stories

Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, Brussels
[Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien]

If you’ve just started reading this week, then welcome to my tribute to lovely Belgian city of Brussels. Everyday this week is dedicated to sharing with you the delicious treats we found on our trip last weekend. Mussels and waffles have already been featured and today’s delight is a carbohydrate and sugar breakfast bonanza.

My friend Celine insisted that we go to Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast. We didn’t argue with her because we had just found out that she is 4 months pregnant (congrats!) and you should never argue with a pregnant woman. Never ever.

Le Pain Quotidien is a chain of cafes that bake their own organic bread, pastries and cakes as well as making various preserves and pickles. There are stores all over the world but the first ever one was opened in Brussels.

The cafes are famous for their communal dining tables which allow guests to share the many jams and spreads that are left open with spoons for serving. This concept sounds good in theory, but when I wanted more honey and the people at the end of the table had it, my warm and fuzzy sharing attitude was put to the test.

I don’t usually eat a large breakfast so this was a lot for me, but luckily I had a very hungry pregnant woman who really loves bread (she’s French) to help me out. We all ordered the traditional breakfast which was a large basket of bread (each!) served with a soft boiled egg, fresh orange juice, coffee and all the spreads you can eat.

The spreads are really amazing, so I’m going to take you through the ones pictured above so that you can know exactly what you are drooling over.

Clockwise Right to Left
Chocolate Spread – tasted like Nutella, but more chocolatey and not as sweet.
Plum Jam – was the consistency of vegemite but tasted like sweet plums.
Strawberry Jam – big chunks of fruit, exactly how I like it.
Milk Spread – tasted exactly like a Milky Bar that had been melted. Much too sweet.
Marmalade – I’m sorry to say that I didn’t even try it. I don’t like marmalade.

Eating breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien was a delight, and as I was leaving I spotted someone eating a fabulous open sandwich with aubergines and artichoke spread and I really want to try it. Actually, maybe I’ll try making one… keep your eyes peeled for the recipe!

Happy eating, Christie

Le Pain Quotidien
Brussels, Sablon
Rue des Sablons 11

B-1000 Brussels

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