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Posted on May 14, 2012 by ChristieEvents

Sushi lovers must see this film. It is so amazing.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a film about Jiro, an 85 year old sushi master and 3 michelin starred restaurateur in Tokyo, Japan. The film is beautifully shot and put together and absolutely transported me back to my holiday to Tokyo in 2009.

All my memories of that awesome city came flooding back: Tsukiji market with the 5am frantic tuna auction, the busy streets of the Ginza district filled with slender men and women immaculately dressed head to toe in designer gear and the impressive good manners and tireless work ethic of Japanese people.

Jiro has been perfecting the art of sushi for 75 years and still feels he is learning each day with room for improvement. His passion for the ubiquitous umami marriage of fish and rice is contagious and I think I would give anything to eat just one piece of sushi made by his hands.

Watching him form and gently pat each piece of sushi with such skill and reverence is so mesmerising that no matter how many times they show him doing it in the film (which is a lot) you never tire of it.

The one time they show a close up of a woman eating a piece, it is a tight crop of her face and slightly slowed down – she closes her eyes and her face is orgasmic. At that moment I am so jealous of her that I feel saliva pooling in my mouth.

My only advice? Make sure you have a table booked at an excellent Japanese restaurant after the film. You are going to be craving sushi. (My recommendations: Toko, Monkey Magic, Uchi Lounge).

Do you like films about food?

Christie x

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is showing at the Chauvel Cinema in Paddington for a limited time. Fig & Cherry received a double pass to the film with thanks to Curious Distribution and TM Publicity (thanks Debbie!).

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