Girly bloggers meet up #2: Yum Cha14

Posted on March 1, 2009 by ChristieEvents

[East Ocean Restaurant Yum Cha. L: Pork and ginger dumplings, R: BBQd pork]

Another yum cha adventure!

Today I met up at East Ocean for yum cha with a lovely bunch of women who also happen to be bloggers. The event was the second outing organised by Leigh (a very busy triple blogger: All for Women, Crazy Meezer and That’s Noice) that I’ve attended. The first event, you may remember, was at Max Brenners at Parramatta.

There was a good mix of blogging experience and areas of expertise – babies (of which I know nothing about yet) Mandi and Amanda , reality TV Emma and personal blogs Riayn, Laura and Leigh.

I’m never quite sure what to expect when meeting online friends in the flesh but luckily the conversation flowed freely and so did the food.

I was surprised to find out it was Leigh’s first yum cha experience – a virgin! I’ve been quite a few times (I love it!) and was the only token food blogger so I was happy to guide her in the right direction.

We got several different types of dumplings, both rice and egg noodle wrapped with different fillings, greens in oyster sauce, BBQ’d pork, steamed rice noodle rolls with prawns, ‘footballs’ (flaky pastry encasing a glutinous inner shell and savoury pork filling), steamed and grilled pork and ginger dumplings (pictured above left) and lots of green tea to help digest it all.

I was totally stuffed by the time the dessert cart rolled around but managed to fit in my favourite yum cha sweet, mango pancakes; a deliciously thin orange coloured pancake filled with the lightest, creamiest, freshest whipped cream and fresh mango chunks. Pure heaven.

Sadly I was too full to devour a custard tart. They’re so good at East Ocean too – often still warm with super flaky and buttery pastry.

Anyway, I hope you’re as happy as I am to find even more new blogs to read, hooray!

Happy cooking! Christie x

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