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Posted on January 21, 2009 by ChristieEvents

If you *heart* potatoes then today is your lucky day!

It’s the January Potato Ho Down round up HOsted by yours truly, the HOstess with the mostess. Have you had enough HO words yet?

This month I’ve received 16 fabulous entries so brace yourself for a decadent potato-filled smorgasbord.

Thank you very much to Cathy at Noble Pig and Krysta at Evil Chef Mom for starting this wonderful event. Read more about it here.

Now, dust off your farm boots, we’re going HO-ing…

Our first delish potato dish is Mascarpone Smashed Potatoes with Black Truffles by Madame Fonzie Lynn from Where’s My Damn Answer. What a fantastic way to make potatoes oh-so-posh! Jodycakes says “I actually had some leftover baked potatoes that I smashed with heavy cream, butter and mascarpone until desired consistency – added chopped Winter Truffles to taste, a little S & P.  Topped with one more creamy dollop of mascarpone and a few shaves of black truffle!  Delicious…I didn’t even want to eat my steak!!!”

The next dish is Potatoes Anna and Japanese Style Potatoes with Butter and Soy by Madame Lola Lynde from One Perfect Bite. Such beautiful presentation and those crispy edges would certainly get any Ho excited! Mary says ‘The recipe for Potatoes Anna is lighter than most but still retains the flavor of its more caloric cousin. The Japanese-style potatoes are wonderfully flavored but much easier to make’.

This dish is Curried Sweet Potato Soup by Madame Mandy Lynn of KitchenKikki. I’m a big fan of sweet potato soup and the curry flavour is definitely a Ho pleaser! Karen says ‘This is rich, filling soup with enough zip to chase away the winter blahs!

The next dish is Baccala with Potatoes and Tomatoes by Madame Fluffy Maria from My Life’s Joys. Mmm, salty fish and potatoes is definitely a Ho-worthy combination!

This dish is Criss Cross Potatoes by Madame Bellini Valli from More Than Burnt Toast. I love the presentation, it reminds me of a mango cheek with crispy edges, very Ho-like! Valli says ‘These are a blast from the past and take 1/2 the time to bake. Easy peasy!!! I got in contact with my inner Ho and slapped out this dish’.

This is a creative recipe – Sweet Potato Bread by Madame Loulou from Elra’s Baking. I bet her home smelt absolutely gorgeous while this was baking, all the Ho’s would’ve come out of the wood works for this one! Elra’s right when she says This is a delicious sweet potato bread using sourdough starter!’

This dish is Dungeness Crab Tater Tots by Madame Shipoopi Linda from Wives with Knives (eeek! scary!). Another super posh entry that couples up potatoes and crab – yum! Cathy says ‘These little tots are the ultimate appetizer. They are filled with Dungeness crab, are crispy, crunchy on the outside and creamy and tender on the inside’.

The next dish is Big Martha’s Mashed Potatoes with Cream Cheese by Madame Trixie Belle from Pages, Pucks and Pantry. The hip-hugging nature of this comforting dish would excite any Ho! Yum! Mrs L. says ‘Creamy Mashed potatoes with Cream Cheese. Because, well, it’s potatoes and cream cheese, what’s not to like?’ Agreed!

There’s 2 entries from the wonderful creator of this event, Cathy from Noble Pig. First up there’s Madame Sparky Marie’s Potato Chip Cookie. Wow, potato in a cookie – have you ever heard of such a thing? This is truly a legendary Ho-first! Cathy says ‘All Potato Ho’s find new places to share their love of potatoes.  Why not dessert!  Potato chips in a cookie turn this regular treat into something special.’

Her 2nd entry is Madame Sparky Marie’s Sweet Potato and Linguica Sausage Soup. I’m a very big fan of chorizo and potato separately. Together they are Ho-Heaven! Yee ha! Cathy says ‘The sweetness of the sweet potatoes paired with the flavorful sausage is a flavor not to be missed.’

The next lovely dish is Roast Potatoes & Veggies by Madame Riley-Marie from Dlyn. Lovely photo and perfectly cooked vegetables. Any Ho would be thrilled to serve this up! Donalyn says ‘Simple, fresh ingredients combine in this easy and delicious dish’.

This dish is Tater Tots with Smoked Tomato Ketchup by Madame Trixie Emily from Grow. Cook. Eat. These look so crunchy! I’ve never had smoked ketchup but I bet Ho’s would love it with these tasty morsels! Julia says ‘What’s not to love about Tater Tots?  Potatoes, cheese, salty and fried… Mmmmmm!  And a great excuse to open up a can of smoked tomato ketchup that I made last summer’.

This dish is Aloo Mutter Samosas by Madame Reese Suzanne from Appoggiatura. The contrast of the samosa with the chutney is very striking and definitely Ho-worthy! Haley says ‘A puff pastry samosa with a potato and pea filling, served with cilantro-mint chutney’.

This dish is Lasoon Batata Palak (New Potatoes & Spinach In A Garlic-Red Chile Sauce) by Madame Delilah J from The Spiced Life. I love the way potatoes soak up the curry flavours. This dish would satisfy any Ho on a chilly night! Laura says ‘A creamy Indian potato and spinach curry that only gets better with time’.

This dish is a Potato and Olive Terrine by Madame Mrs. Yum Cha Cha Cha from Kits Chow. I love the little pudding mould used to shape this. Another posh potato Ho recipe! Mrs Y says ‘My version was sort of a free form terrine. The layers merged into each other but it tasted very good’.

This dish is Potato Pancakes by Mister Who’s Your Daddy? (Who said men can’t be Ho’s?!) from What’s Cooking Dad? What a fantastic crispy and chewy texture they have and would be totally Ho-worthy with a side of bacon too! Cooking Dad says ‘Homemade potato pancakes with apple sauce. These pancakes are really easy to make and can be served with meat and veggies or all by them selves’.

Last but not least, we’ve got my entry – Madame Milky Lee’s Spicy Potato Spoons. With only 4 ingredients there’s absolutely no excuse not to be the HOstess with the mostest this weekend! Come back tomorrow for the recipe.

Happy eating! Christie x

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