It’s my Blogiversary, I’m 1 today!35

Posted on December 3, 2008 by ChristieEvents, Food News

[First organic cherries of the season. Dipped in 80% chocolate and coconut]

There’s no better way to celebrate my 1st Blogiversary than with the very first organic cherries of the season! I am delighted that these two events have coincided and that I had some delicious 80% chocolate to dip their sweet little bodies in.

I can hardly believe it was a whole year ago that I plucked up the courage to release my concoctions on the world. My very first post was a delicious chicken and pear salad but unfortunately it had cringe-inducing photography and styling (please don’t click the link, it’s totally embarrassing).

It was followed by another fantastic flavour sensation of witlof and smoked salmon canapes – again with the same dreadful photography – but the styling had improved!

Surprisingly, my most popular posts have been an orange and almond cake and organic beetroot dip. People type those phrases into Google every single day and find their way here. If that’s you today – welcome!

My favourite posts are my description of my passion for cream, my famous vegemite caramel and the gorgeous polenta crumbed cauliflower with parsley dressing. Cauliflower is such an underrated vegetable.

While I’ve got this opportunity to brag about myself, my favourite shots this year are: stir fried chilli potatoes, garlic and lemon lamb rack, tabbouli salad and spring vegetable potato salad. Phew.

Thank you very very much to all of you who read this blog, post comments and send me little notes. It makes me extremely happy and may it continue for ever and ever!

See you around the corner for blogiversary #2, I’m sure it will creep right up on us!

Happy cooking, eating, sharing and smiling, Christie

ps. My lovely hubby, The Bear, bought me those gorgeous flowers especially for my Blogiversary – he’s so sweet!

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