Dreamfarm Vebo and Scizza4

Posted on November 7, 2010 by ChristieCookware Tests

I recently got sent these two cooking appliances from Dreamfarm to test out. You might know the company for their famous potato masher called a Smood.

Pictured above is a Vebo and a Scizza.

The Vebo is a versatile little container that you can boil or steam stuff in and then simply lift it out of the pot to drain – with no messy transferring to a colander!

It’s made of soft, malleable plastic and squashes down almost flat so you can easily store it inside any small saucepan. Perfect for me, as I’m just about out of cupboard space – too many cooking appliances!

I’ve used it for peas, potatoes and chinese prawn dumplings so far and am looking forward to possibly using it for baby food further down the track.

The Scizza is a super clever design of kitchen scissors with a flat bottom blade. It’s a dream for cutting pastry, especially flaky filo.

I recently used it when I whipped up a batch of my healthy chicken sausage rolls with great success. The non-stick nylon base was also perfect for use on my precious Bessemer pot so that it didn’t get scratched for our Friday night pizza on the stovetop too!

I’m looking forward to giving the scizza more of a workout on some delicate filo pastry desserts soon.

That’s all for today!

Chat soon, Christie x

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