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Posted on July 1, 2010 by ChristieCookware Tests

Nestle Survival For the Active Family is the latest from the Nestle Survival series of cookbooks released by the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport).

I was sent a copy by the lovely Fiona from Mark Communications PR to test out some of the recipes.

It’s filled with healthy recipes including makeovers of unhealthy recipes like the one pictured above; beef stroganoff.

Most of the recipes are contributed by Australian athletes and other people who work at the AIS, such as dietitians. I like the way they describe the story behind each of their contributions and chat about how they personally feed their families and encourage healthy eating habits.

Some of them have pictures of their cute kids too – which is right up my alley at the moment with my little one on the way!

There’s some interesting variations on classic dishes like pumpkin mac n cheese (yum) as well as healthy snacks for kids (and kids at heart!) like muesli bar slices and pikelets.

I made the ham scrolls and the beef stroganoff. I have to be completely honest and say that I didn’t enjoy the stroganoff as much as my Mum’s naughty version – condensed milk can just never replace full fat cream!

To me it tasted like Aussie cafeteria food but I appreciate that it was much lower in fat by using condensed milk and the vegetable content was boosted with carrots and celery as well as the obligatory mushrooms. Personally, I’d rather have my full fat version less often.

I also made the ham scrolls vegetarian by substituting olives as I’m steering clear of processed meats while I’m pregnant. They worked out beautifully, although a little burnt on the top, but not because there was anything wrong with the recipe. It’s just that my crappy old oven needs to be thrown out!

If you want to have a sneak peek of the recipes and look and feel of the book then click here to download a PDF teaser. Thanks again to Fiona for sending me a copy of the book and apologies it’s taken me so long to review it!

Don’t forget to drop by again tomorrow for my new travel story series: Foreign Food Fridays :P

Chat soon, Christie x

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