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Planet Cake Easter Cupcakes Group Shot

“Do you need some help?” asks the friendly teacher, Anna Maria. Um. Yes I do.

You see, I’m the slowest in the class and she’s trying to move onto the next step!

As an avid cook, you might think I’d breeze through this class, but actually I’m quite handicapped when it comes to ‘arty’ things like decorating. In saying that, check out the photo above – they turned out beautifully don’t you think?

That’s the power (and patience) of the lovely teachers at Planet Cake, Balmain in action!

Planet Cake Cupcake Ganache

The cupcakes were pre-baked and ready to use. First we spread white chocolate ganache all over the cupcakes to create an even shape and surface. We are told this is also to keep the cupcakes moist underneath the icing.

Thanks to my class-buddy for being my hand model!

Planet Cake White Chocolate Ganache

Mmmm, white chocolate ganache. Cream and white chocolate melted and whipped. It was made the night before and left to set until it became nice and thick.

Planet Cake Covering the Board

While the ganache is setting we are shown how to knead and roll icing (the ready-to-roll kind). It comes in massive boxes and we each get a little chunk to massage and roll out.

It’s a relatively easy process to cover the board which will eventually display our finished cupcakes. What I found most difficult was keeping the icing even and the same thickness.

Planet Cake Flower Decorations

Next we made our decorations.

These little flowers were first as they needed the most time to dry and firm up. We used a pasta machine to get the icing nice and thin – a bit strange! I’m used to making spaghetti in a pasta machine!

Planet Cake Duck Model

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a duck model. I had trouble with the beaks – they’re so tiny! And that’s coming from someone who has really small hands :)

Planet Cake Rabbit Model

How to make the bunny rabbit model. Isn’t it cute?

I thought there was no way I’d be able to make this little guy, but the teachers are so lovely and show you what to do every step of the way. Even a complete novice (with a terrible track record with art), like me, could make them.

Planet Cake Easter Cupcakes Chicken

This little chicken was my favourite to make. He is just the cutest!

I highly recommend the cupcake course at Planet Cake. It’s a long, jam-packed day (10am-4pm) but it’s completely worth it.

Not only do you learn a long list of new decorating skills (modelling, piping, ganaching, painting and more) but you get to take home your efforts… and eat them! Great, huh?

They also provide you with unlimited tea, coffee, water and cake as well as a very yummy lunch.

Even if you’ve never done anything like this before, I urge you to have a go at one. You will absolutely love it. Click here to see a list of their upcoming courses.

UPDATE 6/5/10: They recently had an Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes course. Click here to see my mate Lorraine’s beautiful creations!

Christie attended the Planet Cake Easter Cupcakes Course as a guest of Planet Cake.

Happy cooking, Christie x

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