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Posted on April 14, 2010 by ChristieSweet Treats, Vegetarian

Australian Hot Cross Buns - Sydney Food Blog

My first attempt at hot cross buns!

Thank goodness for other food bloggers. I thought this year I would have a go at making hot cross buns and even though I’d never made them before I wasn’t nervous about finding the perfect recipe.

I trawled through my RSS feed for my favourite ‘baking’ bloggers and found quite a lot of them had hot cross bun recipes!

In the end I decided to go with Bron Marshall’s recipe because she makes them every year and wrote so lovingly about her family tradition of making and eating them. How can you go wrong on a recipe that’s been made that many times?

You can’t. I found out. See picture above for proof!

hot cross buns ready for the oven

The recipe says it makes twelve, but I think I was a bit generous with my bun-shaping and only formed nine. Perhaps I should have weighed them like Bron does to get an even amount of buns? Maybe next time.

They turned out beautifully though and are so much better than any ones I’ve ever bought from the store.

hot cross buns dough ball

Hubby and I ate a few but there’s still a half a dozen left! Never fear, they’ve been safely stored in the freezer and will one day be very happy to be made into Not Quite Nigella’s Easter bun pudding.

In case you missed the link above for the hot cross bun recipe, here it is again: Bron’s hot cross buns.

Happy cooking, Christie x

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