Chocolate & Tofu muffins (yes tofu, really!)9

Posted on October 24, 2011 by ChristieSweet Treats, Vegan, Vegetarian

“I’ve made chocolate muffins. Would you like one?” I say to my hubby.

“Yes please” he replies.

I serve him one on a plate and watch his face as he sinks his teeth in.

“What do you think?”, I ask.

“Oh, these are good. They actually have the best texture of any you have made so far!”.

“And the taste?”

“Good. Very chocolatey”.

That’s when I drop the bombshell: “They have tofu in them, you know. Plus, they’re vegan”.

He hesitates for 1 second and then replies “I knew there was a reason why you offered them to me so enthusiastically”.

Ah, he knows me too well.

Christie x

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Chocolate & Tofu Muffins

2 tablespoons dairy-free spread (I like the Nuttelex brand)
250g (2 cups) plain flour
50g (1/2 cup) ground almonds
2 teaspoons baking powder
35g (1/2 cup) unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 teaspooon salt
220g (1 cup) caster sugar
150g (1 cup) silken tofu
250ml (1 cup) Vitasoy Soy Milky Vanilla (*see note below)
1 tablespoon white vinegar
60ml (1/4 cup) maple syrup
12 squares dark chocolate (I like Lindt 70%)

1. Preheat the oven to 190C/375F. Grease a twelve hole muffin tin with the dairy free spread.

2. In a large bowl mix together the flour, ground almonds, baking powder, cocoa powder, salt and sugar. Set aside.

3. Place the tofu, soy milk, vinegar and maple syrup into a blender. Process for 10 seconds until smooth. There may still be a few small tofu lumps but that’s fine.

4. Pour the tofu mixture into the dry ingredients and mix with a wooden spoon until just combined. Don’t over mix or the muffins will be chewy.

5. Spoon the batter into the muffin pan holes and place a piece of chocolate on top of each one. Bake on the center shelf for 20 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the center of a muffin comes out clean. Cool on a wire rack – they can be eaten warm or cold.

*You could also use any plain soy milk mixed with 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract or even cow’s vanilla milk, if you prefer.

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