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Posted on June 18, 2012 by ChristieBreakfast, Snacks & Starters, Vegetarian

Did you know that purple is the original colour for carrots before the orange variety emerged in The Netherlands and became the new household favourite colour?

They taste just like orange carrots when raw, however when cooked, I think they taste a little like sweet potato (with carrot overtones). Carrots actually come in a rainbow of colours from orange to purple to white – I recommend seeking them out at your local farmers markets as the different colours taste slightly different and add an element of fun to the usual sandwich or salad. 

Kids will love helping you grate the purple variety (and hopefully enjoy eating them too!). Careful though, their beautiful dark purple colour can stain your hands like beetroot, so wear gloves when handling them once cut and especially when you are squeezing them for excess moisture as per this recipe.

If you don’t have access to purple carrots then never fear, these fritters will still work a treat with all orange carrots. The great thing about them is that they taste delicious both warm and at room temperature, so they are perfect to pack for a picnic or in lunch boxes.

They are really versatile too – dollop with sour cream and garnish with mint for an elegant starter or simply stack and top with a fried egg for breakfast as a nice change from corn fritters. I just love getting a big dose of veggies in the morning.

Have you tried purple carrots? Do you think they taste a bit like sweet potato?

Christie x

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Purple carrot fritters
makes 12

  • 2 purple carrots (300g)*
  • 1 orange carrot (150g)
  • 1/4 cup (40g) plain, all purpose flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup (125ml) Vitasoy Soy Milky Lite* (or regular cows milk)
  • 1 tablespoon mint, finely chopped
  • Vegetable oil, for shallow frying
  • Sour cream, optional

1. Wash and scrub the carrots well, but you don’t have to peel them. Grate coarsely and then squeeze as much moisture out as you can. You might like to wear gloves as the purple carrot flesh can stain your hands. Place grated carrots into a large mixing bowl.

2. In a separate bowl whisk together the flour, eggs and soy milk. Season with lots of freshly ground black pepper and a little salt. Pour the mixture over the carrots then add the mint and mix well.

3. Heat 1/2cm-1cm deep of vegetable oil in a large, deep, heavy based frying pan. When hot, drop tablespoons of the mixture into the pan and flatten slightly. Don’t crowd the pan, just do 3 or 4 at a time. Cook for 3 minutes on one side then gently flip and cook for 1-2 minutes more on the other side.

4. Remove and drain on an oven tray lined with paper towels. Keep warm in a low oven while you cook the rest. Serve hot or at room temperature with a dollop of sour cream, if you like. They are also good stacked and topped with a soft fried egg.

*Note: If you don’t have purple carrots, you can use all orange carrots. Any of the soy milks from the Vitasoy range can be substituted for the Soy Milky Lite.

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