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Posted on August 24, 2008 by ChristieDinner Time

[Homemade pizza in the oven]

We did it and loved it! Here’s all the juicy details + more photos…

Thanks to everyone for playing along and giving us their fabulous recipes. We actually combined a few of them with excellent results.


We used Sam’s recipe because he’s Italian and worked in a pizzeria so we assumed he’d know a bit about making the perfect dough. Plus, he loves thin and crispy crusts like us and owns a wood fired oven – obviously a serious pizza lover!

UPDATE 9/1/2010: Unfortunately Sam’s website no longer exists. Here’s an almost identical pizza dough recipe to Sam’s from Australian website

My friends T and D recommended we use proper Italian 00 flour and our best quality olive oil. This definitely had a tasty effect on the end result, thanks guys.


It’s Winter in Sydney and we didn’t really have a warm place to let the dough rise so we used Lorraine’s idea of making a hot water bath for the dough. To keep it super warm we also used Colleen’s idea and placed an upturned bowl on top to create a draft free and tight seal.

Finally, we sat the dough between us and the heater while we watched a film on TV. Aren’t we clever! The dough rose in about 1.5 hours.

[The Bear making light work of the kneading]


The Bear’s Pizza: tomato puree base, double smoked leg ham, pineapple pieces, swiss brown mushrooms and a firm ball of cow’s milk mozarella, grated.

Christie’s Pizza: pesto base (from a jar), hot Hungarian salami, swiss brown mushrooms and fresh buffalo milk mozarella balls, sliced.

[Left: Ham, pineapple, mushroom, Right: Pesto, Salami, Mushroom]


Yummy! We will definitely make our own pizza’s again. They were so much healthier and tastier than store bought ones.

I loved the way you could change your mind about the toppings right up until the moment they were about to go into the oven. You can’t do that when you call up Dominos!

The Bear would like to experiment with adding herbs or chilli flakes to the dough next time and learn how to make sauce for the base from scratch.

What a great experience. We’re looking forward to getting even better at it!

Happy cooking, Christie

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