Devouring figs with ricotta and honey6

Posted on March 9, 2011 by ChristieBreakfast, Vegetarian

I’m a little bit obsessed at the moment with the last of the Summer figs, or are they the first of the Autumn figs? I always confuse the two.

The farmers markets have big punnets of them for $5 which yield 6-7 fruit. An absolute bargain.

Regular readers will know of my unashamed love affair with ricotta and the figs pair up beautifully with it. You might remember I did strawberry and ricotta toast a few weeks back and a few years (!) back I did blood orange and ricotta with brazil nuts.

At a pinch, you can ditch the toast, and simply cut a cross in the top of the fig then stuff with a teaspoon of ricotta and drizzle with honey. It’s the perfect size to stuff into your gob for a quick snack.

Sorry to get repetitive with ricotta but I really get into phases with food. It will pass soon, promise.

Coming up I’ve got lots of gorgeous restaurant reviews, so stay tuned.

Chat soon, Christie x

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