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Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! Gottcha!

Did you used to do that at school? I always got soooo cranky when someone got me first. Little perfectionist Christie would screw up her face and stamp her foot with annoyance. Actually, I still do that if someone beats me to something. Mature, I know!

Plenty of people have beat me to making a rhubarb compote, but I like to think that my twist of mandarin juice and zest, coupled with creamy soy milk is just a little bit original.

Please don’t google it and prove me wrong. Just let me have my 15 secs. Thanks.

I love a good compote. They are so versatile to have on hand in the fridge, and can be made with all types of seasonal fruit. Compotes are equally excellent served as dessert with ice cream or yoghurt as they are for breakfast over porridge, like in the photo above, or simply eaten on their own as a snack.

And the best bit? This one is completely vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free while still tasting deliciously creamy and decadent. Win, win, win!

What is your favourite fruit compote?

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Christie x

Creamy rhubarb and mandarin compote

serves 2 (can be doubled or more)

  • 1 mandarin, juiced and zested
  • 3 tablespoons rapadura sugar (which is vegan, but use your favourite type)
  • 300g rhubarb (about 6 stems), leaves removed and chopped into 5cm lengths
  • 30ml (1/8 cup) Vitasoy Original Soymilk, chilled

1. Place the mandarin juice, zest and sugar into a large saucepan that has a lid. Add 3 tablespoons of cold tap water and place over medium heat. Stir for 30 seconds to dissolve the sugar.

2. Arrange the rhubarb in a single layer in the pan. Cover with a lid and cook on medium heat for 4 minutes. Shake the pan every so often to make sure it is not sticking, but try to keep the rhubarb in one layer.

3. Remove the lid and turn the heat up to high. Cook for one minute more to allow some of the liquid to evaporate. Shake the pan if you need to, but don’t stir, so that the rhubarb can keep it’s shape and not go mushy.

4. Gently tip the rhubarb into a heat-proof container with a lid and transfer to the fridge to chill for three hours or until completely cold.

5. When cold, pour in the chilled soy milk and very gently stir, trying not the mush the rhubarb too much. Serve immediately over ice cream or yoghurt for dessert. Alternatively, serve with muesli or porridge for breakfast, as shown in the photo above.

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