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Posted on July 6, 2009 by ChristieBreakfast, Gluten Free, Vegetarian

[Grilled apricots with yoghurt and walnuts]

Rise and shine it’s breakfast time!

I’m a big fan of simple and nutritious breakfasts. If you eat a healthy breakfast then you’re more likely to continue making healthy choices for the rest of the day. Well that’s true for me anyway.

I’m what people call ‘a morning person’ – read: super perky to the point of annoyance. Actually, that’s me most of the time, but especially at sunrise.

So preparing a breakfast dish that takes a bit of time is fine with me but I realise for most people that’s not an option. They’d rather roll over and sleep some more and settle for a takeaway coffee and a sweet pastry or bacon ‘n egg McMuffin (please don’t do it!).

This breakfast is a happy medium. You can heat the fruit under the grill (broiler) while you’re rubbing sleep from your eyes and turning the kettle on. But when you’re arranging it prettily on the plate you feel like you’ve done so much more.

If it’s hot where you are then why not slap these babies onto the BBQ? They’ll get a delicious caramel crust and you can enjoy the great outdoors before you head off to work.

Don’t hit the snooze button tomorrow – jump out of bed and start the day with gusto!

Love your grill, Christie x

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Grilled apricots with yoghurt and walnuts recipe

serves 4

This can also be made very successfully with ripe peaches, nectarines or plums. Just allow a longer cooking time for larger fruit. The walnuts can be substituted with hazelnuts or almonds.

Dessert variation: Sprinkle with a little amaretto liqueur and serve with whipped cream or ice-cream. Delicious!

(Convert measurements here)

8 ripe apricots, sliced in half and stone removed
2 teaspoons demerara or brown sugar, or more to taste
10-20 walnuts, chopped
4 big spoons Greek-style yoghurt

1. Place the apricots, cut side up, onto a baking tray and sprinkle evenly with sugar.

2. Put the tray under a hot grill (broiler) and cook until the sugar caramelises, the edges are brown and the fruit is softened and warmed through (5-7 minutes).

3. Arrange the fruit on serving plates allowing each person 4 halves. Sprinkle with walnuts, dollop with a spoonful of yoghurt and serve.

Looking for more breakfast options?

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