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Posted on August 20, 2008 by ChristieBreakfast, Gluten Free, Sweet Treats, Vegetarian

[Blood orange with ricotta, brazil nuts and honey]

Breakfast or dessert? You decide. The jury’s still out on my nuttiness though!

I’ve been following an excellent series on the Limes & Lycopene blog called 31 Days to a Better Diet. It’s written by Kathryn who is a Sydney based nutritionist and herbalist. I really enjoy reading her articles because she presents facts in an interesting and relaxed way and never sounds patronising like some health experts.

As the name suggests, this series is all about trying to improve what you eat as well as how and when you eat it. Some of Kathryn’s daily challenges include; know when you’re hungry, try having an opposite day (George Costanza style) or simply choose a different bread. Small steps add up to big changes.

I consider myself a really good eater, not because I eat a lot, but because I have a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and low fat protein sources in my diet. However there’s always something more to learn and I love finding new ideas to try.

So although I eat quite a lot of nuts and seeds, they are generally a mid afternoon snack, or sprinkled on a stir fry or salad. I don’t often eat nuts for breakfast or dessert and that’s how this recipe was born.

I’m a real ricotta addict fan and often eat it for breakfast on soy and linseed toast with a dash of cinnamon and banana slices. This time I enjoyed it with some juicy blood oranges and my favourite nuts of the moment – Brazils.

It’s super simple to prepare which is perfect if you’re half asleep in the morning or trying to assemble a quick dessert for guests. I think it’s a winner. Do you agree?

Happy cooking, Christie

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Blood orange with ricotta, brazil nuts and honey
serves 2 (easily doubled, tripled or more!)

Note: If you don’t have access to blood oranges, regular oranges would be good too. I also think these flavours would be delicious with peaches, apricots or pears.

2 blood oranges
4-6 large brazil nuts
4 tablespoons ricotta
1 tablespoon runny honey

1. Using a sharp knife remove the skin and pith from the oranges and slice into rounds.

2. Place the brazil nuts in a plastic bag and seal. Bash with a rolling pin or tin of tomatoes to roughly chop. It’s OK if the chunks are all different sizes.

3. Arrange all the ingredients on two plates and serve immediately.

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