Pancetta and chilli scrambled eggs13

Posted on February 7, 2010 by ChristieBreakfast

Pancetta scrambled eggs

How to make perfect scrambled eggs!

Here’s the most important thing to remember; the ‘scrambling’ gets done when you whisk the eggs in the bowl – not in the pan!

Gentle scraping and swirling of the pan is all you need to create the lightest and fluffiest scrambled eggs; very little fiddling is needed. In fact, the more you move the eggs around the pan attempting to ‘scramble’ them, the more they’ll leak liquid, and become water-logged. Gross. I explain exactly how to do it properly in the recipe below.

The delicious rosemary pancetta by Montecatini that I was given a few weeks ago (remember the new Australian Pork TV commercial?) was absolutely delicious paired with fresh organic eggs and a good chilli kick.

I made it a little healthier by using no oil, low fat milk and no additional salt (as the pancetta is quite salty), but feel free to use full fat milk or cream to make it more indulgent. Either way, it’s the perfect Saturday morning breakfast to get your weekend on track!

Happy scrambling, Christie x

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Pancetta and chilli scrambled eggs recipe

serves 2

200g sliced pancetta, torn into bite sized pieces (I used Montecatini pancetta)
4 free range organic eggs
1/4 cup milk (I used low-fat)
Freshly ground black pepper
Pinch of hot chilli flakes (dried chilli / red pepper flakes)
Hot buttered toast, to serve (I used my FAV Burgen soy and linseed)

1. Heat a non-stick pan over high heat and throw in the pancetta. The fat will melt and lubricate the pan so no oil is needed.

2. While it’s crisping up, whisk together the eggs, milk, pepper and chilli in a small bowl until well combined.

3. Turn the heat down to medium and pour the egg mixture into the pan. Allow the egg to set around the sides for around 5 seconds, then, using a flat spatula, gently drag the cooked egg to the centre and swirl the pan so the uncooked egg coats the edge again. Continue dragging and swirling until their is no more runny egg.

4. Important! Do not try to ‘scramble’ the egg, that’s already been done when you whisked them with the milk. For truly light and fluffy eggs you need to handle them very little in the pan. If you keep scrambling the mixture it will break up and start to ‘leak’ moisture and become gross and water-logged.

5. Once the egg is almost set, take it off the heat and prepare the toast. By the time you’re done, the eggs will be ready, as they continue cooking with the residual heat of the pan.

6. Serve on top of toast and sprinkle with extra chilli if you like.

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