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Posted on August 28, 2012 by ChristieFood News

My youngest sister Nicole has a very cool personal style. She effortlessly matches new clothes with vintage accessories, wears cute hats and looks good in things that would make regular people look frumpy, like delicate lace dresses.

Me? Well, we can sum up my fashion credentials in two words: Got None.

My sister and I do have some things in common though, and one of those things is that we love to poke around in vintage and second hand stores. She picks through the racks of clothes and I head straight to the home wares and cookbook sections. Together, we have got the whole store covered!

Last weekend we raided a Vinnies store and picked up some bargains. Well, I did. She left empty handed – but them’s the breaks when you are sifting through other people’s junk! Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you are not.

Bargain #1: red glass serving plate, $15. See picture above. Isn’t it gorgeous!? I really love red things and it is so hard to find nice red glass stuff these days. Thank you to whoever tossed this away, it has gone to a very good home!

Bargain #2: cheese plate, $3. Yes, you read that right! A tiny $3 was all I paid for this cheese plate that is in immaculate condition. I was super excited when I spotted this as I have been on the lookout for a cheese plate like this since I saw my MIL’s one.

Bargain #3: tea towels, 50c each. I got these on a different day last week from a $2 shop. They are the best places to buy cheap, colourful tea towels. I use lots of them to add a pop of colour to my food photos. You might even recognise the stripey one on the left from last weeks strawberry bread & butter pudding recipe.

That’s a wrap on my thrifty purchases. Do you like poking around in second hand stores? What’s the best bargain you have ever found?

Christie x
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