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Posted on April 5, 2008 by ChristieFood News

Tangobaby\'s Breakfast

In response to my last post, my new friend and fellow nominee in the Awards, Tangobaby, has gone to the trouble of sending me a photograph of her favourite breakfast. Please feast your eyes on the gorgeous picture above and I must give a special mention to Tangobaby’s other half, ‘The Boy’ for taking this juicy shot.

This delicious feast is Chevre (French goats cheese) wrapped in Prosciutto and pan fried in butter, served with scrambled eggs with mushrooms. What I wouldn’t give to dive into that plate right now. I love the way the goats cheese is melted and gently oozing out of the crispy proscuitto shell.

I have never tasted this dish, but my taste buds are in overload thinking about what it would be like. I’m definitely adding this to two of my lists; ‘to make’ and ‘to eat on the weekend’. It’s very pedantic, but I love lists.

To make this delectable breakfast, Tangobaby suggests first wrapping the chevre in proscuitto and pan frying, then cooking the eggs and mushrooms in the lovely meaty oil left in the pan. If you prefer a strict recipe, you could always make my mushroom and bacon open face omelette, but leave out the bacon and serve with the goats cheese wrapped in proscuitto on the side. Don’t forget to pan fry them in butter to make the cheese ooze!

Thank you very much Tangobaby for sending me this photograph, it really made my day (and made me very hungry!).

Happy cooking, Christie

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