A random act of kindness4

Posted on March 26, 2014 by ChristieAutism, Northern Rivers Stories


I’ve been having a really tough fortnight. There are about 10 different things weighing on my shoulders and they range from personal, to family, to unexplainable (yes, that is totally a category!).

Yesterday I wrote down all the things that have been bothering me on a piece of paper. It was an effort to make myself feel lighter – and it worked.

I was inspired to do that because of a random act of kindness that happened on Monday. I am still smiling to myself now as I think about it, and I just have to share it with you.

I was not having a great day. Poppy was more unsettled than usual and Max was teething. I felt stressed.

I decided to cheer myself up by taking the kids for a drive to Lennox Head to visit the butcher, it’s a really nice one where they make everything on the premises and have a great deli selection. It was an enjoyable 10 minutes.

When I left the shop Poppy was in the pram and Max was strapped to my front in an Ergo baby sling. They were both doing a bit of whinging and I’m pretty sure my face returned to stress-Christie.

I wanted to get home fast without any meltdowns, so I quickly turned down a lane way to avoid going past the bakery for the inevitable chocolate donut purchase, but Poppy noticed right away and started squealing, which made Max cry. In my desperation, I started singing her current favourite song, the theme tune to ‘Bob the Builder’. It made her turn around and smile, then Max looked up and smiled because he loves the song too.

At this point, with both children smiling at me, two ladies turned into the lane way and walked towards us grinning from ear to ear. One of the ladies slowed down as she approached us (I was still singing), and grabbed me, kissed me on the cheek and hugged me hard.

I was shocked, but hugged her back as best I could with Max in the way and my hands on the pram. Then she just stood there, hands on my shoulders, face close to mine grinning like a cheshire cat.

I wasn’t sure what to do. She wasn’t saying anything, so I assumed she either didn’t speak English or wasn’t able to talk. Being accustomed to filling in the gaps of silence for Poppy, who isn’t talking yet, all I could come up with was a very weird and tentative “well done?”.

“Yes!” she said. “Well done, you are doing a great job”.

All I could manage was a quiet “thank you” as she walked away, tears welling in my eyes.

Sometimes the universe sends you exactly what you need, at exactly the right time.

Christie x

ps. Max totally thought this doll was a real baby. His eyes lit up when his Grandma moved it’s head and arms to interact with him. I am so enthralled with how social and friendly he is, it is amazing to watch.


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