In My Kitchen – July 20129

Posted on July 2, 2012 by ChristieIn my kitchen

In my kitchen

…are many boxes of frozen berries – Creative Gourmet now has an organic range! These little beauties are going to be blitzed up into sauces, mixed into porridge and many other things I’d expect!


…a jar of Beerenberg Chilli Jam. This is going into stir frys, on steak and maybe on scrambled eggs – don’t knock it ’til you try it!

In my kitchen

…are matching Mummy and Daughter aprons from the Chocolate Museum in Peru. Thanks to my sister Nic for these! Looking forward to getting them dirty with some baking and finger painting.

In my kitchen

…is the new Christine Mansfield book, Fire & Spice. Amazing! So many good recipes I don’t even know where to start. Have never been to her restaurant in Sydney, but need to rectify that.


Baker’s Secret loose bottomed fluted mini baking tins. I have been challenged by World Kitchen (the distributer) and Impact Communications (the PR) to create a 70s inspired sweet treat in them. I have a few ideas, but would love your suggestions – please leave a comment below!

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What’s happening in your kitchen this month?

Christie x

Fig & Cherry received the berries with compliments of Creative Gourmet (thanks Sue!), the chilli jam with compliments of Beerenberg (thanks Andrew!), the cookbook with compliments of Penguin Publishers and the tart tins with compliments of World Kitchen and Impact Communications (thanks Cessie!).

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